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Templates winding sliding ShNR-85/150

Also, this device can be called: ShNR85/150, ShNR 85/150, ShNR-85150, ShNR-85-150, ShNR-85150, ShNR85150, ShNR85-150, ShNR85 150, ShNR 85150, ShNR 85-150, ShNR 85150.

ShNR-85/150 templates designed for sliding winding coil winding transformers.

Specifications ShNR-85/150:

The diameter of the wire to be wound - of 0,5 to 3 mm.

Dimensions of the rectangular wire:

- Width - 2 mm to 4 mm;

- Thickness - from 0,5 mm to 2 mm.

The inner diameter of the coil pattern:

- Minimum - 85 mm;

- Max - 150 mm.

The length of the wound coil - 500 mm.

Features ShNR-85/150:

- Template attached to the faceplate of the winding machine screws and the tailstock center is supported;

- Adjustment of the inner diameter of the coil is produced by rotation of the shaft with discs that act on levers;

- Regulation of diameter template for removing the coil is produced by rotation of the stem;

- The presence of the ability to regulate and taper runout template;

- Can be applied to the winding machine (NK3-2AM, NK3-2AM1).

The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance templates winding ShNR-85/150 sliding all the technical requirements if the consumer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: ShNR-85/150

ShNR-85/150 device templates.
ShNR-85/150 device templates.