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Voltammeter SCH68000 (SCH-68000, SCH 68000)
Voltammeter SCH68000 is designed to measure continuous and slowly varying voltages and currents.
Technical characteristics of the devices voltammeter SCH68000:
Measured parameter
Sub-band measurements
Input characteristics of the device
Direct current voltage
10 mV
The input impedance
In the transient regime 10k
100mV, 1V, 10V
At steady state, 10 MW
100V, 1000V
In all modes, not less than 10 MW
Direct current
1 uA, 10mkA, 100mkA
The voltage drop at the input
≤ 11mV
1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A
≤ 110mV
The instrument provides a measure of SCH68000 voltammeter voltages and currents up to 120% of full scale measurements of sub-bands;
Maximum permissible basic error of measurement (in percentage) does not exceed the values ​​defined by the formula:
δo = ± (0,1 +0,02 (Hk/H-1))
Readability of reference - 0,001 XK;
The device voltammeter SCH68000 provides automatic polarity of the measured signal and overload;
Measurement time - 40 ms;
Change readings voltammeter SCH68000 does not exceed 0.5 δo rejecting an ambient temperature of 20 º C to any temperature within the operating temperature range for each 10 K temperature variation and voltage changes from +10% to -15% of nominal value;
Operation mode setup time unit voltammeter SCH68000 - 30 minutes;
The device provides output to an external contact connection detachable measurement results in a parallel binary-decimal code 8-4-2-1, code, sub-band measurements, and service code overload pulse for synchronization of external devices;
Parameters of output device voltammeter SCH68000:
- A logical "1" corresponds to the potential from 2.4 V to 5.25 V;
- A logical "0" corresponds to the potential from 0 V to 0.4 V;
Pulse duration of the service - 65mks ± 5%;
Pulse parameters are provided with a load of 68 ohms and the load capacitance up to 30pF;
The device voltammeter SCH68000 has three types of launch:
- Internal automatic with a frequency of 25 Hz;
- External;
Trigger pulse parameters:
- Positive polarity;
- Repetition rate - less than 25 Hz;
- The duration of the leading edge - not more than 0.1 ms;
- The amplitude - 3V ± 20%;
The device voltammeter SCH68000 withstand 10 times the overload of the input signal during the 10s in all sub-bands, except for 1000V and 1A;
The weakening of the normal form of interference frequency of 50 Hz - not less than 60 dB;
The amplitude of the noise should not exceed the XK with zero input signal, and 0.2 XK with an input signal equal to Xk;
The weakening of common mode 50 Hz - not less than 130dB;
The maximum rms voltage of sinusoidal interference - 150V;
The weakening of common mode 50 Hz voltage direct current - no less than 130dB;
The maximum noise voltage - 150V;
Power supply voltammeter SCH68000 AC voltage of 220V with a tolerance of +10% to -15% 50 Hz ± 1 Hz;
The power consumed by the appliance does not exceed 50 V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 510h140h430mm;
Weight - 15kg;
MTBF unit voltammeter SCH68000 - 1250 hours;
Life - at least 6 years;
The manufacturer guarantees the product quality voltammeter SCH68000 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.