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Current meter SCH41160 short circuit (SHCH 41160, SHCH-41160)
    Measurement of single-phase fault current zero-phase circuit in AC 380/220V, single phase current measurement range short-circuit 10-1000A
Meters short circuit current SCH41160 digital (hereinafter - the gauges) are used for measuring the current-phase short-circuit phase-zero in AC 380/220V, 50 Hz frequency with the neutral point earthed power supply transformer and the phase shift angle of 30 ° ± 25 °.
Under the terms of use and transportation SCH41160 meter belongs to the GOST 22261-82 4, but with extended temperature range from minus 30 to plus 40 ° C.
Under the terms of use meter SCH41160 0 refers to the execution of category 0 4.1 according to GOST 15150-69.
    Codes NES meters are given in Table.A.
Device: OKP codes Note
SCH41160 42 2199 0065 Normal.
SCH41160 42 2199 0066 Export
SCH41160 0 42 2199 0067 Obscheklimaticheskoe
    Technical Information
Limit of acceptable relative basic error SCH41160 given by:
    δ = ± (10 1 [Jk / J - 1])
    where δ - limits of acceptable relative basic error,%;               
    Jk - the final value of the specified range of measurement, A;
    J - the measured value of the short circuit current, A.
Measuring range of current single-phase short circuit, 10A-1000A. Power Meter SCH41160 AC voltage (220 ± 22), frequency (50 ± 0,5) Hz.Power consumption, not more than 20VA. Overall dimensions 335x 305 x 140.
    Limit of acceptable additional error caused by the change in phase angle between voltage and current in the range (30 25) should not exceed half the limit of acceptable basic error.The mass of SCH41160, no more than 6.8 kg.
    The mass of a single set of spare parts, no more than 4.5 kg.
Operation mode setup time SCH41160, min, max 5.The duration of continuous work, 8 hours The time interval to re-enable at least 15 minutes.
Average life SCH41160 in operation, 8 years old.
Meter SCH41160 retains information when disconnected from the network.

Photos: SHCH41160

SHCH41160 meter image.
SHCH41160 meter image.
SHCH41160 front view.
SHCH41160 front view.
SHCH41160 side view.
SHCH41160 side view.
SHCH41160 rear view.
SHCH41160 rear view.
SHCH41160 overhead view.
SHCH41160 overhead view.
SHCH41160 bottom view.
SHCH41160 bottom view.