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Digital teraohmmeter SHCH404-M1 (SHCH404 M1 SHCH404M1)
Teraohmmeter is used to measure the insulation resistance at direct current.
The measurement range of insulation resistance 1 000 000Ω-1 000 000 000 000 000Ω (1MΩ -1000 TΩ).
Basic accuracy ± 1,0% (1MΩ -10TΩ), ± 2,5% (10TΩ 100TΩ), ± 5,0% (100TΩ -1000TΩ).
Applied voltage threshold 1,5-500V (1M-10MΩ), 1,5-1500V (10MΩ-1TΩ), 15-1500V (1TΩ-10TΩ) 150-1500V (10TΩ-100TΩ), 1500 ± 150V (100TΩ -1000TΩ).
TeraΩmeter SHCH404-M1 digital (hereinafter - Teraohmmeter) is used to measure the insulation resistance at direct current (DC) within the range 1.106 - 1.1015Ω (with four-digit readout) between two isolated and galvanically separated between themselves chains or between two galvanically separated between themselves chains, one of which is grounded.
Digital teraohmmeters SHCH404-M1 are portable digital devices.
Type of climatic performance in accordance with GOST 15150-69 UKHL4.I, but the operating environment must be as follows:
1.     Ambient air temperature of 10° to 35 ° C;
2.     Relative humidity 80% at 25 °C;
3.     Atmospheric pressure 84-106,7 kPa (630-800 mmHg);
4.     External magnetic field is less than 0.5µT.
Admissible additional accuracy δt caused by ambient air temperature change within the limits of operating temperature for every 10°С does not exceed half the limit of acceptable basic accuracy.
The nominal level of quantization does not exceed 0.3 of the limit of acceptable basic accuracy for any measurement range of resistance.
Power supply: from AC with frequency of 50 Hz, power (220 ± 22)V, frequency deviation limit of the supply network in accordance with GOST 13103-87.
Measurement range of insulation resistance: 106 Ω -1015 Ω
Acceptable basic error,%
for the range of 106-1013Ω ± 1.0
for the range of 1013-1014Ω ± 2.5
for the range of 1014-1015Ω ± 5.0
Digital teraohmmeter SCH404-M1 provides voltage threshold, V:
for the range of 106-107 Ω - 1.5V-500V
for the range of 107-1012 Ω - 1.5V-1500V
for the range of 1012-1013 Ω – 1V-1500V
for the range of 1013-1014 Ω - 150V-1500V
for the range of 1014-1015 Ω - 1500 ± 150V
Measurement time of insulation resistance, not more than:
for the range of 106-109 Ω - 0.5s
for the range of 109-1012 Ω - 5.0s
for the range of 1012-1015 Ω – 50s
The power consumed does not exceed 40VA.
Dimensions of teraohmmeter with protruding parts 320x280x140 mm, the measuring chamber 320x285x140 mm.
Weight: not more than 6.5 kg, measuring chamber is not more than 3.0 kg.

Photos: ShCh404-M1

SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) teraohmmeter image.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) teraohmmeter image.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) front view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) front view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) side view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) side view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) rear view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) rear view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) overhead view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) overhead view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) bottom view.
SHCH404-M1 (Щ404-М1) bottom view.