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Sh72 Measuring transducer Sh72


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    Measuring transducer Sh72
    Also, this device may be referred to: Sh-72, Sh 72.
72 measuring transducer for converting signals thermoelectric thermometers standardized electrical signal or DC voltage.
    Sh72 converters are used for thermoelectric thermometers (thermocouples) types of THC, TCA, CCI and TPD. Structurally, they are in the form of panel units designed for mounting on panels and consoles.
    Accuracy class - 0.4/1.0.

    Measuring ranges depending on the type of thermometer:
    - THC; HC - from -50° C to +800° C;
    - TCA; XA - from 0° C to +1300° C;
    - TPP, PL-1 - from 0° C to +1600° C;
    - TPD, PR-30/6 - from +300° C to +1800° C.
Technical specifications for the Sh72:
The ranges of the output signal:
    - Load up to 2.5 ohm - 0 to 5 mA DC;
    - Load above 2.5 ohms - from 0 to a DC voltage.
    Input resistance - not less than 1 MW.

    Nature of the load - active.
    The time during which the output signal is in the zone of permissible basic error in the input signal changes abruptly from 0 to 100% - less than 1 s.
    Ripple input - no more than 0.6 absolute value of the maximum permissible basic error.

    Mains voltage - 220 V.
    Supply frequency - 50 Hz±1.
    Power consumption - 12·A.
    Uptime - not less than 2000 hours.
    Life - at least 6 years.

    Dimensions W72 - 422x160x80 mm.
    Weight - 5 kg.
    Measurement range transducer Sh72 accepted difference thermo-emf. thermocouple corresponding to the extreme values ​​of the measured temperature range.
    Converters operating conditions:

    Ambient temperature - from +5° C to +50° C.
    Relative humidity - 30% to 80%.

    The external magnetic field - to 400 A/m.
    Vibration frequency - 5 Hz to 30 Hz.
    Vibration amplitude - 0.1 mm.
    The degree of resistance to mechanical stress - vibration resistant.
    Degree of immunity to electrical interference - ruggedized.
    The degree of resistance to the effects of temperature and humidity - the third group of products of SHGs.
    Tamper converter Sh72 from the environment - ordinary.