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Ratiometer Sh69004 (Sh-69004, Sh 69004)

Ratiometer Sh69004 designed to measure the temperature on the general industrial sites.
The device is equipped with thermometers and thermocouples connection block P691.
Technical characteristics of the devices ratiometer Sh69004:
- Temperature - 0 º C-1100 º C;
- Voltage - 49-0mV, 11mV;
Accuracy class - 2.0;
Permissible basic error ratiometer Sh69004 device in the measuring range - ± 2,0% of the measuring range;
Variation readings does not exceed the value polutorakratnogo intrinsic error;
Measurement ranges ratiometer Sh69004 device are shown in Table 1;
Table 1 Ranges device ratiometer Sh69004
Graduirovochaya characteristics
Measurement range
Temperature, º C
Voltage, mV
0 º C-600 º C
0mV-49, 11mV
0 º C-900 º C
0 º C-1100 º C
37-0mV, 37mV
45-0mV, 16mV
Under the terms of the mechanical effects of the device belongs to stability;
Failure to return a pointer device to zero - not more than 2.5 mm;
External resistance - 5 ohms;
Operating position of the device - the vertical;
Settling time moving part - no more than 7c;
The measuring system - magneto-type scale with a uniform one-sided;
Scale length - 130mm;
Change readings ratiometer Sh69004 caused by deviation of the ambient temperature from normal (within the operating temperature) at 10 K does not exceed ± 2,0%; under the influence of a constant external magnetic field of 400 A / m - not exceed ± 1,0% range measurements;
Dimensions - 120x120x285mm;
Weight - 3.5 kg;
Mean time between failures - at least 19,000 hours;
Average life - not less than 6 years of age;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality ratiometer Sh69004 technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.