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SGS-1 Resolver pin (SGS1, SGS 1)
SGS-1 Resolver pin is designed to work in the indicator mode.
Selsyns are induction machines, which allow a constant voltage input to receive the output winding system voltage, amplitude and phase are determined by the angular position of the rotor.
Selsyns also allow you to transform a system of stresses in the corresponding angular position of the rotor or the voltage, phase and amplitude of which is a function of input voltage and the angle of rotation of the rotor.
Selsyns SGS-1 used as a measure of the error tracking systems.
With selsyns can be built for remote transmission of the indicator (MFI) and the transformer (TPD) type, so that the indicator and the transformer distinguish modes of their operation.
Technical characteristics of the devices selsyns SGS-1 contact:
Mode - A display, Transformer;
Purpose of the device Resolver SGS-1 pin - the sensor;
Frequency - 400 Hz;
Excitation Voltage - 115V;
No load excitation current device pin Resolver SGS-1 - 2.6 A;
Rated secondary circuit voltage - 90V;
The maximum clock time - 800Gsm;
The speed of rotation - 300ob/min;
Accuracy synchronous rotary device pin SGS-1 in the indicator mode - ± 1,0 º, ± 1,5 º;
Outside diameter - 92mm;
The length of the output shaft ends - 153mm;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument SGS-1 rotary pin technical requirements specifications subject to user terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.