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SD-150-01 Motor SD-150-01 DC.


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The motor SD-150-01 DC (SD150-01, SD 150-01, SD15001, SD 150 01, SD-15001, SD 15001, SD150 01)
The motor SD-150-01 DC is a reverse of four-collector dc electrical machines with electromagnetic excitation independent.Suitable for use in equipment for special purposes.
Changes in the frequency and direction of rotation of the motor SD-150-01 produced by varying the voltage and polarity of the armature.
Specifications electric appliances SD-150-01 VDC:
Ambient temperature of -60 º C to +50 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 20 º C;
Shock - 350m / s 2;
Vibratory loads in the frequency range of 10Hz-200Hz with acceleration of 35m / s 2;
Supply voltage armature - 18V;
Supply voltage winding - 13.5;
Rated power SD-150-01 - 40W;
Rated torque - 0.294 N ∙ m;
The current consumed by the armature winding - 4.5 A;
The current consumed by the excitation winding - 0.5 A;
Rotational speed - 1350 r / min.;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 159mm;
- Diameter - 78mm;
Unit weight -2.7 kg;
Minimum operating unit SD-150-01 - 1000ch.The service life of 8 years.