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SD-10E Motor SD-10E DC.


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The motor SD-10E DC (SD10E, SD-10-E, SD 10 E, SD 10-E, SD10-E, SD10 E, SD-10 E, SD 10E)
The motor SD-10E DC is the reverse collector bipolar dc electrical machines with an independent electromagnetic excitation.It is used to work as an executive in the motor servo system of special purpose equipment.
Changes in the frequency and direction of rotation of the motor SD-10E produce change in the magnitude and polarity of the armature voltage.
Specifications electric appliances SD-10E DC:
Ambient temperature of -60 º C to +50 º C;
Atmospheric pressure reduced -;
Relative humidity - up to 98% at 40 º C;
Supply voltage armature - 60V;
Supply voltage winding - 27V ± 2,7 V;
Rated power SD-10E - 22W;
Rated torque - 0.0324 N ∙ m;
The current consumed by the armature winding - 0.85 A;
The current consumed by the excitation winding - 0.7 A;
Rotational speed - 6700ob/min.;
Overall dimensions
- Length - 98mm;
- Diameter - 40mm;
Unit weight - 0.4 kg;
Minimum time device SD-10E - 500ch.The service life of 8 years.