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СБТ-11 Geiger-Muller counter SBT-11.


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Geiger-Muller SBT-11 (SBT11, SBT 11)
Geiger-Muller SBT-11 end to the use of radio devices in special equipment.
Technical characteristics of the devices Geiger-Muller SBT-11:
The source of radiation - Cs;
Voltage start counting - 260V-320V;
The length of the plateau counting device characteristics Geiger-Muller SBT-11- no less than 80 V;
The slope of the plateau counting characteristic - no more than 0.5% / B;
The slope of the voltage-current characteristics of the four sections of the instrument Geiger-Muller SBT-11 - no more than 1.5% / 1B;
The current four sections - 6mkA-11mkA;
One section of the current - 0.5 mA-1, 1mkA;
Pulse amplitude unit Geiger-Muller SBT-11 - not less than 10 V;
Sensitivity to gamma radiation - 44imp/mkR-49imp/mkR;
Counting Speed ​​- 440imp/s-490imp/s;
Own background - 2.50 imp / s;
Insulation resistance base unit Geiger-Muller SBT-11 - 3 ∙ 10 9;
Output capacity - 8pF-12pF;
The efficiency of detection of beta radiation - at least 20%.