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SBM-20 (cbm-20)

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Geiger-Muller SBM-20 (SBM20, SBM 20, cbm-20, cbm20, cbm 20)
    Geiger-Muller SBM-20 is designed to measure the hard beta and gamma radiation for wide application in the field of radiation control.
Technical characteristics of the devices Geiger-Mueller SBM-20:
    The source of radiation - Cs;
    Sensitivity to gamma radiation:
MED - 4.0 mR ∙ s -1;
67.5 mR -1 ± 7,5 mR -1;
    Rated operating voltage device Geiger-Muller SBM-20 - 400;
    Voltage start counting - 260V-320V;
    Slowness of the counting characteristics - not less than 100 V;
    The slope of the counting data - no more than 0.1% / V;
Own instrument background Geiger-Muller SBM-20 - no more than 1.0 s -1;
The maximum working EDR - 1400s -1 40mkR ∙ s -1, k n.± 20%;
The maximum permissible dose rate - at least 360R ∙ h -1;
    Dimensions - 11h11h108mm;
    Unit weight Geiger-Muller SBM-20 - 10g.

Photos: SBM-20 (cbm-20)

SBM-20 (cbm-20) counter image.
SBM-20 (cbm-20) counter image.
SBM-20 (cbm-20) counter image.
SBM-20 (cbm-20) counter image.
SBM-20 (cbm-20) front view.
SBM-20 (cbm-20) front view.
SBM-20 (cbm-20) side view.
SBM-20 (cbm-20) side view.