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S9-18 (C9-18)

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Oscilloscope S9-18 (S918, S-9-18, S 9 18, c9-18, S-918, S 918, S9 18, c918, c-9-18, c 9 18,c-918, c 918, c9 18)
Oscilloscope S9-18 is designed to study the shape of periodic electrical signals in the frequency range.Estimating the form of an electrical signal in time, it generates a graph, called a waveform.
Oscilloscope S9-18 is convenient, it is used in the design and tuning circuits.
All the technical characteristics of the instrument oscilloscope S9-18 meet modern requirements for instruments of this class.Using an oscilloscope may inspect and repair a variety of instrumentation.
Oscilloscope S9-18 quickly solves the problem of a fault. In the oscilloscope easy navigation. The presence of multiple functions of the oscilloscope does not complicate the operation. Therefore, working with instruments oscilloscope S9-18 is simple and convenient.The device is also characterized by low accuracy and high sensitivity.
Channel oscilloscope S9-18 is designed for the study of periodic electrical signals and measure their main parameters of amplitude and time of submission of the results of measurements in digital form on the LED display.
Oscilloscope S9-18 has a test mode and self-diagnostic apparatus main components to automate the process control and verification operations with the help of IMS-based computers. Operation modes of the oscilloscope and the ADC by the controller unit, made ​​on the basis of a series of built-in microprocessor 580.
Technical characteristics of the devices oscilloscope S9-18:
Number of Channels - 2;
Bandwidth - 0MGts-50MHz;
Parameters studied device oscilloscope S9-18 signals in the automatic mode of measurement:
- The amplitude - 10 -2 B-100B;
- Duration - 4 ∙ 10 -8 to 0, 05s;
Memory capacity of the instrument oscilloscope S9-18 - 4096;
The working part of the screen CRT - 80h100mm;
Power requirements - 110V ∙ A;
Dimensions - 345h200h455mm;
Unit weight oscilloscope S9-18 - 14kg.

Photos S9-18, C9-18

S9-18 (C9-18) device image.
S9-18 (C9-18) device image.
S9-18 (C9-18) front view.
S9-18 (C9-18) front view.
S9-18 (C9-18) side view.
S9-18 (C9-18) side view.
S9-18 (C9-18) rear view.
S9-18 (C9-18) rear view.
S9-18 (C9-18) overhead view.
S9-18 (C9-18) overhead view.