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Memorize oscilloscope S8-9A (S89A, S8 9A, c8-9A, c8 9A, c89A)

For the study of single and periodic signals with amplitude 100mV-100V and a duration of 0.5 ms-5c.
Operates on a storage oscilloscope and with adjustable duration afterglow CRT.
Bandwidth - 0-2MHz.
Effective screen 40x80mm.
Dimensions 265x550x380mm.
Weight: 25kg.

Memorize oscilloscope S8-9A  is designed to study single and periodic signals with amplitude 100mV-100V and duration of 0.5 ms-5c.
Oscilloscopes S8-9A work in the learning and oscilloscope with adjustable duration afterglow CRT. Perhaps the preservation of recorded information within 16 hours with an oscilloscope. It is reducing the sensitivity of triggering spurious signals in the presence of a large magnitude.
Vertical off
Bandwidth - 0-2MHz.
Coefficient of variation 100mV/sm-10V/sm.
Input impedance 0.5 MOm/45pF.
Horizontal deflection
Sweep 1mks/sm-0, 5s/sm.
The measurement error of the amplitude and time intervals: 10%.
Type of indicator - CRT 13LN5.
Effective screen 40h80mm.
Recording speed 120 km / s.
Playback Time 1 min.
Erasure time of 0.2 seconds.
Power consumption oscilloscopes S8-9A - 350VA.
Dimensions 265h550h380 mm.
Unit weight oscilloscopes S8-9A - 25kg.

Photos: S8-9A

S8-9A front view.
S8-9A front view.
S8-9A rear view.
S8-9A rear view.