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S8-13 (C8-13)

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    S8-13 storage oscilloscope universal
    Also, this may be called an oscilloscope: S813, S8 13, S-8-13, S 8-13, S 8 13, C8-13, C8 13, C813.
    S8-13 storage oscilloscope universal with interchangeable blocks channels in the vertical and horizontal deflection is designed to study the shape of periodic and single electric signals by memorizing long playback or by conventional oscilloscope.
    Signal range - from 10 mV to 500 V.
    Bandwidth - up to 3500 MHz.
    The main application areas are oscilloscopes electricity and radio measurements in various fields of science and technology from the research and test work in laboratory and industrial conditions.
Ability to work oscilloscope S8-13 with different replaceable units (Ya40-1102, Ya40-2900, Ya40-1700, Ya40-2700, YA40-1701, Ya40-1103, Ya40-1900, Ya40-1901).
    Specifications S8-13:
    Horizontal deflection channel (depending on the applicable exchange units):
    - Scan rate - 0.1 ms/div., 5 ms/div., 10 ms/div., 15 s/div.;
    - The maximum clock frequency - 1 MHz to 1000 MHz.

    Vertical deflection channel (depending on the applicable exchange units):
    - Bandwidth - 0 MHz, 0.1 MHz, 1 MHz, 700 MHz, 3500 MHz;
    - Rise time - 0.1 ns, 0.5 ns, 350 ns;
    - The minimum coefficient of variation - 0.01 mV/div., 0.5 mV/div., 5 mV/div., 10 mV/div., 10 dB/div.;
    - Input impedance - 0.1/5 megohms/pF 1/30 MW/pF, 50 ohms.

    Effective screen CRT - 6x10 divisions (60x80 mm).
    Minimum repetition frequency sweep, which provides a monitoring of the test signal at the fastest scan:
    - NORMAL mode. - Not more than 50 Hz;
    - BRIGHT mode - no more than 10 Hz.

    The line width of the beam S8-13 in Normal mode. MEMORY - not more than 0.1 division (1 mm).
    Maximum write speed single signals:
    - Using the memory speed ratio in the signal is greater than 10:1 - not less than 4 km/s;
    - Boost mode. - Not less than 20 km/s;
    - In the accumulation mode with 10-fold beam passing along the trail - 100 km/s.

    While playing back recorded images:
    - MEMORY mode - no less than 30 min.;
    - Boost mode. - Not less than 15 min.;
    - In the automatic erasure - 2.0 s to 5.0 s.

    In Memory mode, forcing. provided by:
    - Types of erasure - manual, automatic, external;
    - Increase the contrast of the recorded image and the background of the CRT screen.

    Oscilloscope S8-13 maintains the recorded image from the network when you turn off and then turn on no earlier than 2 min. after shutdown.
    Parameters of the output voltage amplitude and time of the calibrator (1 MW load):
    - Output Voltage - 0.6 V;
    - Accuracy - ±1,5%;
    - Repetition frequency - 50 Hz±0,5;
    - Duty cycle - 2±0,4.

    Moving the vertical beam - at least 6 bar up and down from the middle of the working portion of the CRT screen.
    Moving beam horizontally - installs the beginning and end of the sweep working in the central part of the screen.

    Oscilloscopes provide universal issue with synchronous scan pulse of positive polarity with adjustable delay with respect to the sweep.
    Output pulse parameters:
    - The output voltage across the load 1 k - no less than 3;
    - Pulse - not less than 0.5 ms;
    - Duration of the front - no more than 0.5 ms;
    - Pulse delay value - from 15% to 50%.

    S8-13 provides delivery of pulses of positive polarity from the nest "OUT." When applied to the nest "BX." Pulses of either polarity.
    On the external load 1k provided:
    - Transfer coefficient when the amplitude of the input pulses of from 0.3 to 1 - of at least 1;
    - The leading edge of the output pulse at the input pulse with no more than 0.1 microsecond - no more than 0.35 ms;
    - The amplitude of the output pulses with the amplitude of the input pulses from 1 to 30 - not less than 1 V.

    Parameters path input x:
    - The coefficient of variation - 1,7±​​0,4 V/div;
    - Input impedance DC - 14,5±3 ohms;
    - DC voltage level at the input - within ±0,5 V;
    - Maximum amplitude of the input signal - no more than 20 V.

    Login parameters Z:
    - Minimum signal amplitude for external modulation of the repetition frequency of the periodic signal from 50 Hz to 1 MHz - not more than 5 V;
    - Maximum amplitude of the input signal - no more than 40 V.

    Samoprogreva time - 15 min.
    Power consumption - 180·A.
    Continuous operation time - 8 hours.

    Technical resource - 5000 hrs.
    MTBF (depending on the applicable exchange units) - 1250 h, 1000 h.
    Lifetime oscilloscope - 5 years.
    Shelf life - 5 years.
    Weight (two blocks) - no more than 28.5 kg.
    Operating conditions S8-13:
    Ambient temperature - from 278 K to 313 K (+5° C to +40° C).
    Relative humidity at 303 K (+30° C) - 95%.

    Mains voltage - 220±22 V.
    Mains frequency - 50 Hz±0,5.
    Harmonic content - up to 5%.

Photos: S8-13 (C8-13)

S8-13 (C8-13) oscilloscope image.
S8-13 (C8-13) oscilloscope image.
S8-13 (C8-13) front view.
S8-13 (C8-13) front view.
S8-13 (C8-13) side view.
S8-13 (C8-13) side view.
S8-13 (C8-13) rear view.
S8-13 (C8-13) rear view.
S8-13 (C8-13) overhead view.
S8-13 (C8-13) overhead view.
S8-13 (C8-13) bottom view.
S8-13 (C8-13) bottom view.