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Oscilloscope S8-11 (C1-51) (S811, S8 11, c8-11, c811, c8 11)

For observation on the CRT screen, and photographing and single periodic signals.

Dual Beam Oscilloscope S8-11 is designed to monitor the on-screen CRT and photographing of periodic and single signals.
Main technical characteristics
The range of measured voltage 0.08V-500V. The range of measured time intervals 2mks-250c. The working area of the screen for each beam has 4 divisions in the vertical and 8 horizontal divisions each division is 1 cm
The total area of the screen Oscilloscope S8-11 has 6 divisions in the vertical and 8 horizontal divisions (during X-Y 6 bars and vertical (3 horizontal). Line width of the beam:
1 mm in the memory;
1.2 mm in the conventional oscilloscope.
Full speed    records 5 km/s in the memory. There is a mode of forcing the write speed. The brightness of the recorded image is not less than 80 cd/m2 at a 1:3 contrast ratio. Time    Playback 30 min. Save time 7 days. Adjustable playback time 0.5-7 sec. Erasure time of 0.2-0.5 seconds.
The minimum frequency of the sweep: on seeing the most rapid signal
50Hz when using the traditional oscilloscope;
10Hz mode to enhance the brightness.
The bandwidth of the channel Y 0-1 MHz at -3 dB frequency response. The decline in the top of HRP 1 mm at a length of 1 to open the entrance.
Release of HRP at 5% at the test pulse rise time of 0.5 ms. Maximum sensitivity of channels Y 1 mm / mV (coefficient of variation 10 mV / div.) Is set in steps of 1, 10, 100, 1000. The input impedance of the channel Y: 500 ± 15 ohms, 40 pF, 1 MW ± 50 ohms, with 15 pF external divider of 1:10. The time constant of 20 ms gated entrance. Offset drift due beams: 1 mm per 1 minute and 5 mm for 30 minutes. Focusing from channel to channel in the channel Y is not more than the thickness of the beam.
The maximum allowable total stress on the gated entrance Oscilloscope S8-11:
500V with external divider.
Common mode rejection ratio signal 200 in the band 50 Hz-1 MHz. The delay in the channel Y 0,05 ms. Calibrated sweep rate of 0.5 ms / div. - 25s/del. set steps in the sequence 1, 2, 5.
External synchronization Oscilloscopes S8-11:
pulse amplitude of 1-50 V and a duration greater than 0.2 ms;
amplitude sinusoidal signals 1B-25B, in the frequency band of 0.1 Hz to 1 MHz.
Internal synchronization:
high pulses on the CRT screen image more than 3 mm;
Sinusoidal signals with the image height on the CRT more than 6 mm in the operating frequency band device.
Signal parameters calibration coefficient of variation
The tension in the form of a square wave frequency of 1 kHz and a constant voltage. The voltage amplitude of 0.05 V-100B changes steps in the sequence 1, 2, 5.
Signal parameters calibration sweep
Sine wave frequency of 100 kHz.
Voltage synchronous with the scan
The sawtooth voltage of the device Oscilloscope S8-11 amplitude 120 V at 0.1 MW, 40 pF. Pulse of positive polarity. The amplitude of 50 V at 0.1 MW, 40 pF. Front time of 0.25 ms. The pulse width is equal to the duration of the sweep line.
Parameters of Channel 2
The amplitude of 40V-100V. The time constant of input 5 ms.
Parameters channel mode X X-Y
Bandwidth 0-500kHz frequency response at -3 dB. The maximum sensitivity of 0.05 cases. / MV (coefficient of variation 20mV/del.) Accuracy:
amplitudes of ± 10% in the band 300 kHz, 5Hz;
slots ± 10%.
Displacement beams relative to each other on the X axis twice the thickness of the beam. Parallelism lines rays Oscilloscope S8-11 is not more than 2 mm. Powered by AC frequency of 50 ± 0,5 Hz, 220 ± 22V. Power consumption 700 VA.
Operating conditions: temperature from +10 to +35 ° C, relative humidity 95% at +20 ° C.
Overall dimensions oscilloscope S8-11: 340h450h700mm. Weight 50 kg.

Photos: S8-11

S8-11 front view.
S8-11 front view.
S8-11 side view.
S8-11 side view.