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Spectrum analyzer S4-60 (S460, S 4 60, S-4-60, c4-60, S-460, S 460, c460, c 4 60, c-4-60, c-460, c 460)

Spectrum analyzer S4-60 is designed to study the spectra of periodic arbitrary waveform and modulation of the spectrum of stationary noise, the frequency characteristics of two-for selective measurement of the frequency and levels of periodic signals.
Spectrum Analyzers S4-60 consist of:
- Indicator YA40-0830 with intermediate frequency unit YA4S-54;
- Converter YA4S-59;
- Converter YA4S-60.
Multi-functional devices allows them to monitor and examine various radio devices: transmitters, frequency converters, amplifiers, filters, modulators, mixers.
Technical characteristics of the instrument spectrum analyzers S4-60:
Apparatus is provided in the frequency range 10Hz -39.6 GHz
- Measurement of frequency, frequency domain and the ratio of the components of the main range to 12GGts;
- Measurement of the frequency and relative amplitude of-band and spurious oscillations to 12GGts;
- Observation of the shape of the spectrum and the spectral components with memory and the ability to comparison of two or more spectra;
- Measurement of the spectrum with high frequency resolution, including near the carrier;
- A panoramic display of the spectrum over the entire range (sub-band) frequencies of each instrument;
- Measurement of the nonlinearity of two-by distortion of the spectrum;
In the frequency range of 10Hz-110MGts instrument spectrum analyzer C4-60 further allows to measure:
- The signal levels and components of their spectra with high sensitivity for voltage and power;
- The parameters of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of two-to-140dB and 120dB watch their form.
The instrument spectrum analyzer S4-60 improved key features:
- Increased swath through the use of panoramic tunable local oscillator;
- The dynamic range is increased by increasing the linearity and preselection path input;
- Improved accuracy of frequency measurement by built in frequency to 110MGts;
- Extended measurement functions: spectrum analyzers 110MGts to perform functions of a spectrum analyzer, a selective microvoltmeter, chastotometra, signal generator, frequency sweep generator and meter of frequency response;
The instrument spectrum analyzer S4-60 has a built-in YIG preselector, an overwhelming reception by-channel signals in the range of up to 12GGts;
Frequency - 0.01 GHz-39 6GHz;
Span the instrument spectrum analyzer S4-60 - 1500MHz (0.01 GHz-1, 5 GHz), 2000 MHz (1.45 GHz-39 6GHz);
Bandwidth at -3 dB - 1 kHz, 300 kHz in the sequence 1, 3, 10;
Frequency measurement error - ± 10 -2 ƒMGts (1.45 GHz-39 6GHz), ± (10 -2 ƒ +1) MHz (0.01 GHz, 1, 5 GHz);
The noise floor of the spectrum analyzer instrument C4-60, shown to the door - 100dBmVt-75tBmVt;
Dynamic range in IMD third-order - 50dB-60dB;
The weakening of the channel side of reception - 60 dB;
The basic error of the external attenuator device spectrum analyzer S4-60 - ± 1 dB (-3 dB), ± 0,7 dB (10 dB, 20 dB);
IF attenuator error - ± 4%, ± 6%;
The error indicator - ± 4%;
The error log scale amplitude spectrum analyzer instrument S4-60 - from ± 2 dB to 70 dB;
Flatness - ± 5 dB (in each sub-band to 12GGts);
Sweep period - from 0.01 to 20c;
The presence of the detector output and the spectrum analyzer sweep unit S4-60 - yes;
The presence of signal tracking - no;
Impedance - 50 ohms (channel 7/3) to 12GGts; standard waveguide section 16x8, 11h5, 5, 7,2 x3, 4;
Terms of use of the appliance spectrum analyzer S4-60 - than +5 º C to +40 º C;
Relative humidity - 95% at +30 º C;
Dimensions - 160h480h555mm;
Weight of the device spectrum analyzer S4-60 - 90kg.

Photos: S4-60

S4-60 analyzer image.
S4-60 analyzer image.
S4-60 front view.
S4-60 front view.
S4-60 side view.
S4-60 side view.
S4-60 rear view.
S4-60 rear view.
S4-60 overhead view.
S4-60 overhead view.
S4-60 bottom view.
S4-60 bottom view.