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S4-53 (C4-53)

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    Spectrum analyzer S4-53
    Also, this device may be called: S453, S4 53, S453, S-453, S-4-53, C4-53, C453, C4 53, C453, C-453.
    Spectrum analyzer S4-53 is intended for visual observation and measurement of the spectrum of continuous periodic signals and stationary noise.
    Frequency - 20 Hz to 0.5 MHz.
    Span - 0.2 kHz, 0.5 kHz, 1.2 kHz, 5 kHz, 10 kHz, 20 kHz.
    The passband at 3 dB - 5 Hz, 30 Hz to 150 Hz.
    Scope analyzer S4-53:
    - Radio-electronic industry;
    - Telecommunications;
    - Metrology.
    With a spectrum analyzer S4-53 held:
    - Measurement of the spectrum of continuous vibrations of complex shape;
    - Measurement of spurious oscillations and side;
    - Measurement of the emission band and out of band emissions;
    - Study of the spectrum of repetitive radio pulses.
    Specifications S4-53:

    Sensitivity sinusoidal signal - 10 mm/mV.
    Measurement error of frequency intervals - 0,05 F+50 Hz.
    Flatness swath 20 kHz - 1 dB.

    Input Impedance - 50 ohms.
    Dynamic range - 60 dB.
    Relative noise level - from 0.6 mV to 1.0 mV.

    Mains voltage - 220 V.         
    Mains frequency - 50 Hz.
    Power consumption - 50·A.

    Operating temperature range - from +10° C to +35° C.
    Dimensions - 487x490x255 mm.
    Weight spectrum analyzers S4-53 - 35 kg.

Photos: S4-53 (C4-53)

S4-53 (C4-53) device image.
S4-53 (C4-53) device image.
S4-53 (C4-53) view panel of the device.
S4-53 (C4-53) view panel of the device.
S4-53 (C4-53) side view.
S4-53 (C4-53) side view.
S4-53 (C4-53) rear view.
S4-53 (C4-53) rear view.
S4-53 (C4-53) overhead view.
S4-53 (C4-53) overhead view.
S4-53 (C4-53) bottom view.
S4-53 (C4-53) bottom view.