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S4-25 (C4-25)

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    The spectrum analyzer S4-25 (S4 25, S 4-25, S-4 25; S4 25; s-4-25)
    Spectrum analyzer S4-25 - a device used to study a broad range of frequencies spectra of periodic signals with the possibility of acoustical control.

    Frequency - 0.02 MHz - 50 MHz.
    Swath - 50MHz.
    The dynamic range of - 60 dB.
    Input impedance - 50Om.
    Power Consumption - 100W.
    Weight - 35kg.
    Dimensions - 485 × 256 × 490mm.

    Spectrum Analyzers S4-25 are intended for research and control of signals from different devices. The devices can be used in conjunction with antennas for analyzing load radio bands and measurement of radiation emitting devices and radio transmitters.

    Together with signal generators spectrum analyzer S4-25 provides a measurement of the amplitude-frequency characteristics of two-port and can be used in research and development of equipment for the control of EMC.

    Specifications S4-25

    Spectrum Analyzers S4-25 have a span 50MHz. The bandwidth devices at the level of 3 dB is 3 kHz - 70kGts; 300kHz.
    For spectrum analyzers S4-25 sensitivity of the instrumentation is 5mkV.

    The manufacturer guarantees that the spectrum analyzer S4-25 matching t technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos: S4-25 (C4-25)

S4-25 (C4-25) analyzer image.
S4-25 (C4-25) analyzer image.