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S2-65D Selsyn transformer C2-65D.


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Rotary transformer S2-65D (S265D, D C2 65, C2-65-D, C2, 65D, S265-D S265 D)
Rotary transformer C2-65D is designed to work as a transmitter and receiver in synchronous circuits transformer for remote transmission angle of the shaft.
Is a non-contact single-channel micro-machines AC.
Designed for operation in conditions of high hardness, specific to the products of aviation technology.
Specifications appliances rotary transformers C2-65D:
Type - Sensor;
Accuracy Class - 1,0, 2,0;
Electromagnetic device asymmetry angle rotary transformer C2-65D - no more than ± 13min, ± 25 min;
Minimum voltage - less than 200mV;
Maximum voltage - no less than 36V;
Supply unit rotary transformer C2-65D current - less than 90mA;
- Diameter - 65mm;
- Length - 15mm;
Unit weight rotary transformer C2-65D - 0.18 kg;
Voltage - 36V ± 2V;
Frequency - 400Hz ± 20Hz.

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