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RV8-7 (PB8-7)

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    Voltmeter RV8-7 (RV8 7, 8-7 PB; PB August 7, RV-8-7; pb8-7; pb8 7; pb 8-7; pb July 8; pb-8-7)

    Voltmeter RV8-7 - a device used to measure the ratio of the AC voltage gain of small AC voltage and phase-sensitive linear synchronous conversion of these voltages to the DC with digital display output in relative units.

    Measuring range of relations - 1 - 31600.
    Output Voltage Range - 0.2 mV - 10000mkV.
    The frequency of the input signal - 0.13 kHz - 20 kHz.
    Input impedance measurement signals - 600 ohms ± 10%.
    Power - 220V 50Hz.
    Power consumption - 40W.
    Dimensions - 502 × 137 × 367mm.
    Weight - 15kg.
    Voltmeter s RV8-7 commonly used in laboratory and production conditions, with the measurement lines impedometer polarization type, and measuring the antenna pattern. The presence of the instrument RV8-7 analog outputs for AC and DC power allows use in automated systems of control and management with the ability to record the results of the measurement recorder.

    Specifications RV8-7

    Voltmeter RV8-7 allows such errors in the measurement of:
    - ± [0,3 + 0,5 (N x -1)]% (for U n less 1mkV);
    - ± [0,3 +0,6 (N X 1)]% (with U H less than 1 mV)

    where U n is the minimum voltage of one of the compared signals, N X-measured ratio greater than 1.

    The basic error of the divider unit Decadal RV8-7 is less than ± 1% (at a frequency of 0.13 kHz - 10 kHz) and 1.5% (at a frequency of 10 kHz).

    Voltmeter RV8-7 permits the unevenness of the frequency characteristics in the wide bandwidth of ± 20% (relative to the frequency of 1kHz). The bandwidth of the amplifier channel:
    - Using the narrow band 500Hz (at the resonant frequency of 1 kHz ± 10%),%
    - Using the narrow band 5000 Hz (at the resonant frequency 10KHz ± 10%).

    Technical characteristics of the device RV8-7 does not change under the influence of external magnetic fields:
    - 50 Hz frequency and intensity 5 A / m (wide band mode, the voltage 1mkV - 100mkV);
    - 50 Hz frequency and intensity of 10A / m (narrow band mode, the voltage of 0.2 mV - 20mkV);
    - 50 Hz frequency and intensity of up to 50 A / m (all other cases).

Photos: RV8-7 (PB8-7)

RV8-7 (PB8-7) voltmeter image.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) voltmeter image.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) front view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) front view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) side view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) side view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) rear view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) rear view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) overhead view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) overhead view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) bottom view.
RV8-7 (PB8-7) bottom view.