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RU4-29 (py-29)

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Low-frequency amplifier RU4-29 (RU429, RU 4 29, RU-4-29, py4-29, RU4 29, RU-429, RU 429, py429, py 4 29, py-4-29, py4 29, py-429 , py 429)
Low-frequency amplifier RU4-29 an ac amplifier with built-in acoustic filters.The device is intended for research, testing and configuration of systems and devices used in electronics, communications, automation, computing and measurement techniques, priborostrenii.
To enhance performance and functionality of the amplifier RU4-29 does not have a rigid setup of the gain.
The whole amplifier channel amplifier subwoofer unit RU4-29 is divided into two parts, each of which has an independent set of the gain.In the gap between them is included, or any of the internal filter or external filter.
Such a construction allows the amplifier to create optimal conditions for measuring the dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio.
Technical characteristics of the instrument amplifiers bass RU4-29:
The range of amplified frequencies - 1Hz-200kHz;
The uneven frequency response (relative frequency of 1 kHz) on the frequencies:
- 1 Hz-200 kHz - ± 0,5 dB;
- 20Hz-20kHz frequency response - ± 0,3 dB;
The output voltage (RMS) subwoofer amplifier device RU4-29 load current:
- 15 mA - 10 V;
- 3.5 mA - 36V;
- From-30dB to 100dB - 10dB steps through;
- 12dB - smoothly for each stage;
The basic error of 0 dB and the gain control stage gain of 10 dB (at 1 kHz frequency) - ± 0,05 dB;
Harmonic bass instrument amplifier RU4-29 at a gain of <80 dB:
- When the output voltage 10 V and 15 mA load current at frequencies:
- 1kHz - ≤ 0,03%;
- 20Hz-20kHz - ≤ 0,1%;
- 20kHz-200kHz - ≤ 0,2%;
- When the output voltage 36 V and load current of 3.5 mA at frequencies:
- 1kHz - ≤ 0,1%;
- 20Hz-20kHz - ≤ 0,2%;
- 20kHz-200kHz - ≤ 0,3%;
The voltage noise power low-frequency instrument RU4-29, converted to the entrance, with a short-circuited input and a gain of 100 dB in the frequency range:
- 5Hz-200KHz - ≤ 4mkV;
- A filter kHz - ≤ 1,5 mV;
- Filters B and C - ≤ 2mkV;
The instrument amplifier RU4-29 subwoofer has a built-in filters:
- High-pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 22.4 Hz, signal attenuation at the cutoff frequency (3 +1) dB and frequency response of the slope of decline (18 1.5) dB / oct;
- Filter with frequency characteristics A, B, C, for sound level meters of accuracy class 1;
Operating temperature - from +5 º C to +40 º C;
Power supply low-frequency amplifier RU4-29 - 220V, 50Hz, 220V, 400 Hz;
Power requirements - 25V · A
Dimensions - 304h120h308mm;
Weight of the device low-frequency amplifier RU4-29 - 6.5 kg.

Photos: RU4-29 (py-29)

RU4-29 (py-29) amplifier image.
RU4-29 (py-29) amplifier image.
RU4-29 (py-29) front view.
RU4-29 (py-29) front view.
RU4-29 (py-29) side view.
RU4-29 (py-29) side view.
RU4-29 (py-29) rear view.
RU4-29 (py-29) rear view.
RU4-29 (py-29) side view.
RU4-29 (py-29) side view.
RU4-29 (py-29) overhead view.
RU4-29 (py-29) overhead view.
RU4-29 (py-29) bottom view.
RU4-29 (py-29) bottom view.