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    Rheostat RSPS (P S P S, R-S-P-S)
    Rheostat resistance RSPS - slide articles intended for variable current or voltage in electrical circuits.
    Adjustable voltage:
    - AC, 50 Hz - 500V;
    - DC - 220.
    Mode - continuous.
    Number of conductive elements with a variable resistor 2.
    Operating conditions RSPS

    Rheostats RSPS are designed to work under the following conditions:
    - Height above sea level - not more than 1000m;
    - Ambient temperature - from -40 ᵒ C to +40 ° C;
    - Relative humidity of the environment - not more than 98% (at +25 ° C);
    - RSPS for the environment must be explosion-proof and free from dust (including the conductor) in the amount of disruptive product and corrosive gases and vapors at concentrations that destroy metal and insulation;
    - The absence of direct solar radiation.

    Rheostat RSPS able to withstand the following loads:
    - Vibration loads during acceleration 0,5 g with a frequency of 1 Hz - 50 Hz;
    - Multiple impacts during acceleration 3g with frequency 2 Hz - 20 Hz.

Photos: RSPS

RSPS device image.
RSPS device image.
RSPS front view.
RSPS front view.
RSPS side view.
RSPS side view.
RSPS overhead view.
RSPS overhead view.
RSPS bottom view.
RSPS bottom view.