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Made in: 2018.


Plug RPN23-5Sh2

Also, this plug can be referred to: RPN 23-5Sh2, RPN-23-5Sh2, RPN23 5Sh2, RPN235Sh2.


Plug RPN23-5Sh2 - electrical connector manual compound of general purpose RF, rectangular, three-dimensional wiring, designed for use in electrical DC, AC and pulse currents.

Scope: radio-electronic and electronic equipment as a general purpose connectors.


Legend RPN23-5Sh2:


Connector type - RPN23.

Number of contacts - 5.

Type of contact - RF.

Type of contacts - plug.

Contact plating - gold.


Specifications RPN23-5Sh2:



Vibration frequency range - from 1 Hz to 2000 Hz.



- vibration - 300 m/s2;

- single strokes - 1500 m/s2;

- multiple impacts - 350 m/s2;

- linear loads - 500 m/s2.


The number of joints, mechanical operation - 1000.

MTTF - 10 000 hours.

Minimum storage life - 15 years.



Maximum operating voltage DC or peak AC voltage - 355.

Resistance electrical contact - no more than 10 MOhm.

Insulation resistance - not less than 1000 MOhm.

Capacitance between the contact that his body - no more than 4 pF.


Diameter of the contacts - 0,8 mm.

Type of cable for connection - RK-75-1-22.

Standards - in OST 11 0121-91; GE0.364.230TU.


Operating conditions RPN23-5Sh2:


Ambient temperature - from -60° C to +100° C.

Temperature changes with the account the temperature of contacts - from -60° C to +130° C.

Low atmospheric pressure operation - 0,13 Pa (1·10-3 mm of mercury).


The manufacturer provides a guarantee of compliance RPN23-5Sh2 all the technical requirements provided the customer terms and conditions of use, storage and transportation, installed documentation manuals.

Photos: RPN23-5Sh2

RPN23-5Sh2 drawing plug.
RPN23-5Sh2 drawing plug.
RPN23-5Sh2 the arrangement of contacts.
RPN23-5Sh2 the arrangement of contacts.