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RNO-250-3 (PHO-250-3)

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    Autotransformer RNO-250-3
    Also, this device can be called: RNO2503, RNO 250 3, RNO250-3, RNO-2503, RNO-250 3, pho-250-3, pho2503, pho 250 3, pho250-3, pho-250 3.

    Autotransformer RNO-250-3 - phase AC voltage regulator for use in various electrical works.
    In the device the primary and secondary windings are connected directly, and have thereby not only magnetic coupling, but also electricity. Auto-transformer winding has a number of conclusions by connecting to that, you can get a different voltage.
    When passing an alternating current through the coil autotransformer RNO-250-3 occurs alternating magnetic flux in the coil inducing electromotive force, the magnitude of which is directly proportional to the number of winding turns.
    The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument auto-transformer RNO-250-3 technical requirements specifications subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.