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RMF-0,25ZHUZ Rotameter RMF-0, 25ZHUZ.


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Rotameter RMF-0,25ZHUZ (RMF0,25ZHUZ, RMF 0,25 ZHUZ, RMF-0,25-ZHUZ, RMF0,25-ZHUZ, RMF0,25 ZHUZ)
Flowmeter - Flowmeter constant pressure drop with a float freely in the unit. Consists of a set in the casing cone (rotametricheskoy) tube, which moves inside the float.
RMF type flowmeters with local readings of the glass tube rotametricheskoy designed to measure the volumetric flow smoothly varying uniform flow of clean and low contaminated corrosive liquids and gases with dispersed inclusions of foreign particles, neutral-4 PTFE, glass brands cholesterol and TLC.
Depending on the flow of the medium, RMF type flowmeters are manufactured by the manufacturer in three basic models: RMF-II, RMF-IV, RMF-VI. Unfortunately the model RMF RMF-III and-V are not made.
Each base has changed a unified rotametricheskuyu up. Measuring Range spending for these models are obtained by setting the appropriate float. Float, regardless of the model is made of Teflon-4.
Details of rotameters in contact with medium, lined (coated) PTFE.
Scale readings conditional uniform, applied directly to rotametricheskuyu up. Countdown evidence produced by the upper edge of the float.
Ambient pressure should not exceed 6kgs/sm 2 (0.6 MPa).
Flowmeters are designed to operate at medium temperatures from -30 º C to +100 ° C, and the environment from -30 º C to +50 ° C, humidity 30% to 80%.
The basic permissible error rotameters is ± 2,5% of full scale value.
Calibration of Rotameters - individually made by the manufacturer on the water or air. For other environments, it is necessary to recalculate the flow of water or air at a given measured liquid or gas.
Technical characteristics of the devices rotameters RMF-0,25ZHUZ.
The upper limit of measurement - 0.25 m 3 / h;
Nominal diameter - 15mm;
The connection device rotameter RMF-0,25ZHUZ the pipeline - flanged;
Dimensions - 480h80mm;
The mass flowmeter unit RMF-0,25ZHUZ - 2.0 kg.