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RM-GS/0,1 Rotameter RM-GS / 0.1.


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Rotameter RM-GS/0,1 (RMGS0,1, RM GS 0,1, RM-GS-0,1, RMGS-0,1, RMGS 0,1, PM-GS0,1, RM GS0,1)
Flowmeter - Flowmeter constant pressure drop with a float freely in the unit. Consists of a set in the casing cone (rotametricheskoy) tube, which moves inside the float.
Rotameters of type RM-GS with local readings with a glass tube rotametricheskoy designed to measure the volumetric flow smoothly varying uniform flow of gas having a temperature of 10 º C to 35 ° C and a pressure of 0.06 MPa to 0.16 MPa.
Materials of construction: a mixture of rubber IRP-1345, fluoroplastic-4, 12Kh18N10T steel, glass, C52-1 titanium VT-1-00.
Scale readings conditional uniform, applied directly to rotametricheskuyu up. Countdown evidence produced by the upper edge of the conical float or widest diameter of the ball float.
Flowmeters are designed for operation at an ambient temperature of 10 º C to 35 ° C, humidity 30% to 80%, atmospheric pressure of 0.084 MPa to 0.106 MPa ( up.). Resistant to the relative humidity to 95% at 35 ° C.
The basic permissible error Rotameters RM-GS model is ± 4% of full scale value.
Calibration of Rotameters - individually made by the manufacturer of the air.
Technical characteristics of the devices rotameters RM-GS/0,1.
The upper limit of measurement - 0.1 m 3 / h, 100 l / h;
Diameter orifice flowmeter unit RM-GS/0,1 - 6 mm;
The pressure loss of the installation in a production line - 0.01 MPa, 0.1 kgf / cm 2;
The diameter of the holes in the nozzle device rotameter RM-GS/0,1 to connect the pipeline - 8mm;
Operating position - vertical with a tolerance of ± 1 °;
Mean time the instrument rotameter RM-GS/0,1 to failure - 40,000 hours;
Weight - not more than 0.75 kg;
Overall dimensions rotameter RM-GS/0,1 - 273h34h117mm.