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RM-50 Tearing machine RM-50.


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Breaking Machine RM-50 (RM50, RM 50)
Breaking Machine RM-50 is designed for static testing of samples of welded joints with thickness 2mm-25mm Tensile, flexural strength.
Technical characteristics of explosive devices Machine RM-50:
Maximum limit load - 500kN;
Consumed by the device breaking machine RM-50 Power - 0.5 kW;
Unit price of the lowest level in the indicated ranges siloizmeritelya measuring and recording the load:
- 40kN 200kN-- 0.4 kN;
- 100kN-500kN - 0.8 kN;
The greatest load limiting device tensile machine RM-50 by the bending test - 300kN;
Working stroke of the active capture - 155mm;
Travel speed, without the active capture of loads - at least 50mm/min;
The height of the working space between the gripping device breaking machine RM-50 should be 270mm;
The greatest distance between the supports by the bending test - 160mm;
Length of support for the bending test - 60mm;
The limits of acceptable relative error of the instrument siloizmeritelya breaking machine RM-50 at the forward progress (loading) - ± 1%;
The scale readings in the range of the machine measuring load should not exceed 1%;
The difference in readings between the forward and reverse strokes in the range of measurement - less than 3% of the measured load;
Sensitivity of the instrument tensile machine RM-50 in the range of load measurement should be:
- Not less than 0.5 at the position or the removal of overhead;
- Equal to 0.2 of the maximum load range scanned;
Consumed by the device breaking machine RM-50 power - no more than 1.65 kW;
Dimensions - 1035h530h1550mm;
Weight of the device breaking machine RM-50 - 860kg;
The device is an installation consisting of a loading device, control unit and the pipes connecting the loading device with a remote control;
The principle of operation of the device is deformed test specimens using a hydraulic actuator and load sensing pressure in the working cylinder by balancing the pressure force of the elastic deformation of the shaft (torsion);
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the unit tensile machine RM-50 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.