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    Tearing machine RM-25M (25M RM; RM25M, PM-25, M, RM-25-M, RM 25, M, 25, RM-M; pm-25m; pm 25m; pm25m; pm-25 m; pm-25-m ; pm 25 m; pm 25-m)
    Tearing machine RM-25M - small-sized hydraulic device for static testing of samples of welded joints in tension and bending.
    The highest rated load in a tensile test - 250kN.
    The highest rated load by the bending test - 250kN.
    Types of test specimens according to GOST 6996 - XII; XIII; XV; XXVI; XXVII; XXVIII.
    Dimensions of test specimens - (2mm - 25mm) × 40mm.
    The height of the working space, including the progress of the active capture - at least 270mm.
    Dimensions - no more than 1035 × 530 × 1200 mm.
    Weight - no more than 800kg.
    Tensile testing machines RM-25M widely used in semi-permanent test laboratories for quality control of welded joints in the construction of pipelines.

Structural features of the RM-25M

    Tearing machine RM-25M is a test rig, which consists of a two-cylinder loading device and pump. The devices are equipped with the RM-25M modernized grips with hydraulic specimen grips for easy handling with the car and improves its performance.
    Tearing machine RM-25M is equipped with a modern digital measuring system ASTM-Digital "Standard", which provides an indication of the applied force and the speed of loading of samples, as well as the fixing of the maximum load.

Specifications RM-25M

    Tensile testing machines RM-25M in their work allow the following error:
    - When measuring the load - ± 1%;
    - While maintaining the speed of loading - ± 20% of the measured value.

    The unit price of the least significant digit siloizmeritelej device RM-25M is 0.01 kN. Working stroke of the active capture - at least 150mm. The range of loading rates - 0.2 kN / s - 25kN / s.
    In tensile testing machine RM-25M greatest distance between the supports by the bending test is not less than 160 mm, and the length of rollers - 60mm.
    Tearing machine RM-25M uses a mains voltage of 380 V and a frequency of 50 Hz, and the device power consumption is less than 1.5 kW.