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RIK-09 radiation data system

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Radiation data system RIK-09

Also, this device can be called: rik 09, rik09, rik-o9.


RIK-09 radiation data system designed for measurement of gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) and data visualization of a radiological condition of the environment from BDBG-09, as well as for the display of real time, date and temperature of the surrounding environment.


Radiation data system RIK-09 consists of BDBG-09 detecting unit of gamma radiation and ТІS-09 data panel.


Technical characteristics of the RIK-09:


Measurement range of gamma radiation DER - from 0,1 µSv/h to 10 Sv/h..

Indication range of:

- ambient temperature- from -30° С to +45° С;

- real-time - from 0 to 24 h.


Information capacity - 160×16 pixels.

Maximum symbol height - 240 mm.

Pixel pitch - 15 mm.

Pixel size - 5,1×3,7 mm.


Half-value angle in the horizontal plane - 100°.

Half-value angle in the vertical plane - 40°.

Glowing color - yellow, 591 nm.


System RIK-09 powered by AC mains:

- voltage - from 205 V to 230 V;

- frequency - 50±1 Hz.

Power consumption - not more than 200 W.


Dimensions of:

- ТІS-09 (without fastening elements) - 2485×326×85 mm;

- BDBG-09 (without fastening elements) - not more than 60×60×170 mm.


Weight of the RIK-09 radiation data systems:

- ТІS-09 - not more than 30 kg;

- BDBG-09 (without fastening elements) - not more than 0,5 kg.


TІS-09 provided with the output connector to the personal computer.

Time synchronization is made by a built-in GPS module.

Data exchange between BDBG-09 and TIS-09 through interface - RS485.


Terms of Use of the RIK-09:


Ambient air temperature - from -30° С to +45° С.

Relative humidity at +40° С - up to 100%.

Atmospheric pressure - from 84 kPa to 106,7 kPa.

Photos: RIK-09

RIK-09 image of radiation data system.
RIK-09 image of radiation data system.