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REGIGRAF F1771-AD (16 CHAN.) Registrar electronic REGIGRAF F1771-AD.


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Electronic recorder REGIGRAF F1771-AD (F1771AD, F-1771-AD, F 1771 AD, F1771 AD)
Product Specifications electronic recorders REGIGRAF F1771-AD:
16 analog channels.
Basic software.
The device is Registrar electronic REGIGRAF F1771-AD has a VGA LCD touch screen with 10.4 ".
Measurement, control, signaling, regulation, registration parameters.
The collection, archiving, processing of information.
Of the instrument recorder electronic REGIGRAF F1771-AD - the constant current and voltage, temperature (TPN - 50M, 50P, 100P - 3-and 4-wire, TP - Type K or L).
Universal programmable input channels are galvanically isolated from the food chain and body of the instrument (up to 4 setpoints alarm / control on the channel).
Up to 8 digital recorder device in REGIGRAF F1771-AP electronic.
Built-in memory to 10000000 measurements.
Built-in recorder unit F1771-AD REGIGRAF electronic interface RS232/485.
Basic software: the square root mean value of one channel.
Up to 16 programmable output relays to 2A/250V.
The device is Registrar electronic REGIGRAF F1771-AD has 2 or 4 analog outputs (0 mA-5 mA, 4 mA to 20 mA, 0 mA to 20 mA).
MMC Flash memory card.
Power supply REGIGRAF F1771-AD recorder electronic - 24V DC, 220V, 50Hz.