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RADEKS RD1503+ Radioactivity indicator RADEX RD1503 +.


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Radioactivity indicator RADEKS RD1503+ (RD-1503+, RD 1503+)
Radioactivity indicator RADEKS RD1503+ is designed to measure ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation based X-ray facilities and pollution sources of beta-particles.
It can be used in a residential population (food, building materials, soil, etc.) as well as personnel working with sources of ionizing radiation.
The device is an indicator of radioactivity RADEKS RD1503+ counts the number of gamma and beta - particles with two Geiger - Muller for observation and indicates readings in mSv / h on the LCD.
Registration of every particle with a beep that lets you search for the source of radiation.
The device LED radioactivity RADEKS RD1503+ a mode of "background", which provides an assessment of the dose rate, but is displayed, not just one as in the RD1503, reading - dose, but at the same time two readings, it is - the excess of the dose rate over the dose rate and background value of dose rate background.This mode is very useful when examining the premises, when you need to know on how many readings indoors differ from the testimony in open areas and how to determine the value of dose rate outdoors.
The unique properties of the instrument indicator of radioactivity RADEKS RD1503+:
- Two units of physical quantities: Sv / h (main), mR / h (off-system);
- The presence of vibration;
- Speed ​​setting alarm threshold above which sounds an alarm or turn to vibrate;
- Calculating the value of the background dose rate of the algorithm;
- Indication on the display values ​​of the background dose rate;
- Indication of the difference in the display of dose rate readings averaged and the background dose rate;
- Animation of the pressed button (icon flashes on the display button pressed).
The unit of radioactivity indicator RADEKS RD1503+ has the following features:
- Change the dimension values;
- Clarification of the testimony with increasing duration of measurement,
- To set the display backlight,
- Enable / disable the alarm,
- Additional features RD1503 + compared with the RD1503:
- Put speed setting threshold values ​​ranging from 0.10 mSv / h and 0.90 mSv / h with a step 0.10 mSv / h (self-installation by the user);
- Enter your estimate of the background radiation dose (in open);
- Introduced the possibility of indicating the difference in the display readings and the average background values;
- Introduced as an additional vibrating alarm device threshold;
Technical characteristics of the instrument lights radioactivity RADEKS RD1503+:
Indication range of ambient dose equivalent rate - 0.05 mkZv/ch-9, 99mkZv / h;
Indication range of exposure dose - 5mkR/ch-999mkR/ch;
The energy range of gamma radiation - 0.1 MeV-1, 25MєV;
Reproducibility of indications (at P = 0.95) - (15 +6 / P)%, where F - dose in mSv / h;
Levels of sound-signaling device radioactivity indicator RADEKS RD1503+:
- 0.10 mSv / h, 0.20 mSv / h, 0.30 mSv / h, 0.40 mSv / h, 0.50 mSv / h, 0.60 mSv / h, 0.70 mSv / h, 0.80 mSv / h, 0 , 90mkZv / h;
- 10mkR / h, 20mkR / h, 30mkR / h, 40mkR / h, 50mkR / h, 60mkR / h, 70mkR / h, 80mkR / h, 90mkR / h;
The observation time - with 40s ± 0,5 *
Indication of evidence - is continuous;
Battery Type "AAA" - one or two;
Time of continuous operation of the device indicator radioactivity RADEKS RD1503+ - at least 550 hours **
Overall dimensions - not more - 105h60h26mm;
Unit weight indicator radioactivity RADEKS RD1503+ (without batteries) - not more than 0.09 kg;
Energy range of detected X-rays - 0.03 MєV-3 0MєV;
Energy range of detected radioactivity indicator device RADEKS RD1503+ beta radiation - 0.25 MєV-3 5MєV;
* Increase the number of observations increases the reliability of evidence;
** Of the two batteries with a capacity of 1350mAch at the natural background of 0.3 mSv / h, and factory settings of the product;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument indicator of radioactivity RADEKS RD1503+ technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documents.