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Additional resistance R85 (R-85, R 85, p 85, p-85, p 85)
Additional resistance R85 is designed to expand the limits of measurement of electrical equipment E8021, E8030 and other voltage in AC circuits.
Technical characteristics of the instrument additional resistance P85:
Rated voltage 500V, 600V, 750V;
Temperature - from -60 º C and +60 º C;
Relative humidity at 35 º C - 98%;
Dimensions of the device series resistor P85 - 110h80h50mm;
Weight - 0,135 kg.

Photos R85

R85 (P85) front view.
R85 (P85) front view.
R85 (P85) side view.
R85 (P85) side view.
R85 (P85) rear view.
R85 (P85) rear view.