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Store inductance R567 measurement (R-567, R 567, p567, p 567, p-567)

It is intended for use as a measure inductance measurement circuits AC frequency from 20 Hz to 10000 Hz by connecting all decades except the decade "x10", designed for operation at frequencies up to 2500 Hz.
Accuracy class 0.2

Store inductance R567 measurement type IIMP intended for use as a measure inductance measurement circuits alternating current frequency of 20 Hz to 10,000 Hz by connecting all decades except the decade "x10", designed for operation at frequencies up to 2500 Hz.

Devices are available in two versions:
Store inductance measurement R567 - for use indoors at an ambient temperature of +10 to +35 ° C and a relative humidity of 30 to 80%.
Store inductance measurement R567T - to work indoors in a tropical climate.
Technical characteristics
The value of the parameters and characteristics
Accuracy class according to GOST 10770-84 store
Rated frequency range
20 to 5000Hz
For decades all except decades
"X10" mh
from 20 to 2500 Hz
For the decade "x10" mh
Extended frequency range
from 5000 to 10000 Hz
For all the decades, except for the decade "x10" mh
The basic error in the nominal frequency range
(0,2 +0,08 / L)%
L - set at a store in mH
Changing the value of     inductance caused by a change of frequency from the nominal boundaries of the frequency to any value in the extended area
no more than the basic error
Measurement range of inductance
from primary to 111.1 mH
Stepped decade 10x (10 +0.1) mH and smooth Vario - 10x0, 01 mH
Primary Inductance
1-2 ... 45mkGn
1-3 ... 60mkGn
1-4 ... 3mkGn
Changing the primary inductance of a change:
a) the ambient temperature of 20
+10 C to +35 C, or b) the nominal frequency of the border region
prior to any extended frequency range
It should not
exceed ± 0,33 uH
The maximum operating current of not more than
0.25 A
Rated operating current not exceeding
0.2 A
Voltage drop across the inductor is not included more
Additional error due to the mutual influence of magnetic fields included adjacent decades
not more than 0.3
DC resistance when the entire store at t = +20 ° C for up to
1-2 ... 32 Ohm
1-3 ... 32 Ohm
1-4 ... 62 Ohm
Partition switching ohmic resistance does not vary by more than ± 1%
Changing the inductance when the ambient air temperature from +20 ° C for every 10 ° does not exceed
~ 0.04%
~ 0.02%
~ 0.15%
for the decade to decade x10 x1 for decades "x0, 1"
Superheat temperature of the windings of coils at a current 25A
15 ° C
Switch to "10"
50 ° C.
Switches to "0"
Q change depending on the frequency
ωL / R
ω-angular frequency;
L-set at the store in the GN
The change of inductance by an external magnetic field of
H 4000 / f A / m, but not more than 8 A / m, not more than
no more than twice the basic error
R-DC resistance (in ohms), with a set at the store inductance L
f-frequency field affecting any frequency different from the operating frequency band
The capacitance value of live parts in relation to the screen no more
200 pF
The resistance of the conductive layer screen box
50-6000 ohms
The insulation resistance between live and chastyumagazina screen at least
100 M
The test voltage is applied between the live part and the screen
2 kV 50 GCV for 1 min.
Overall dimensions, mm
Weight store no more
11 kg

The main error is defined under the following conditions:
a) ambient air temperature +20 ° C ± 5 ° C;
b) the frequency of any of the nominal frequency range;
c) no more than the current value of nominal;
d) primary inductance excluded from the measurement results;
d) included only confides to a decade, the other in the "off";
e) clamp the screen is connected to one of the clamping circuit;
g) the external magnetic field is practically absent.

Photos Р567

R567 (P567) device image.
R567 (P567) device image.
R567 (P567) side view.
R567 (P567) side view.
R567 (P567) rear view.
R567 (P567) rear view.
R567 (P567) overhead view.
R567 (P567) overhead view.
R567 (P567) bottom view.
R567 (P567) bottom view.