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Radiometric devices >> uniformity tester of cables and lines (R5-)

R5-10 (P5-10)

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Measuring R5-10 inhomogeneities lines (R510, R5 10, p5-10, p5 10, p510)
Designed for the following operations on the overhead and cable power lines and communication: fault detection and determination of his character (open circuit, short-circuit), detecting irregularities centered wave resistance, determine the distance to the fault or heterogeneity (0-300km).  
Distance measuring range (full scale) of 300 to 300,000 m
The maximum resolution of 5 m
Sensitivity 80 dB attenuation of the overlapping

Measuring R5-10 inhomogeneities lines (R 5-10/1) is a versatile compact device with replaceable power supplies, providing work from a DC voltage from 10V to 15V and 22V to 30V, AC voltage (220 ± 22) frequency of 50 400 Hz and an autonomous power source. The device can work in the field at a temperature of minus 30 to plus 50 ° C and relative humidity 98% at temperatures up to 35 ° C.
Meters R5-10 are designed to perform the following operations on the overhead and cable power lines and communication: fault detection and determination of his character (open circuit, short-circuit), the detection of heterogeneity concentrated impedance (asymmetry in the wires break in the connection, insert, heterogeneity of dramatic change insulation resistance, etc.) to determine the distance to the fault or discontinuities.
Meter R5-10 can be used not only for measurements on damaged lines, but also for monitoring cables predicting faults in them, measure their lengths and balancing.
P5 equiv meter 10 provides a view of lines to 80 dB attenuation in the frequency band from 3.5 kHz to 7 MHz.
The minimum length of the line from which you can view, does not exceed 5 meters, but can be minimized by connecting the line to the top of the calibrated insertion length of the order of 4-5 m with the same characteristic impedance.
Technical data
The duration of the probe pulse at 75 ohms ≤ 0,05 ms
0,1 ± 0,02
0,3 ± 0,06
1 ± 0,2
3 ± 0,6
10 ± 2
30 ± 6
≥ 100
Minimum measuring distance to the discontinuity in the velocity factor 1.5 - 5m.
The amplitude of the probe pulse into 75 ohms, B, not less than:
with a duration of 0.05, 0.1 ms - 10
with a duration of 0.3, 1, 3, 10, 30 s - 20 V
when the duration 100mcs - 2B.
Pulse parameters of compensation to 75 ohms:
pulse amplitude, V, no less - 3B
pulse duration, ms, at least 10.
The period following the calibration time stamp, us:
on the following ranges:
1 km - 10
10 km - 20
100 km - 160
300 km - 640
Error of calibration cycle time timestamps,% ≤ ± 0,1
The ranges of measured distances, km
The basic error of the distance measurement ≤ ± 1%.
Error in setting the velocity factor of ≤ ± 1%.
Equiv amplifier incoming signals mm / mV - not less than 0.6. Bandwidth amplifier MHz is not less than 10.
Moving the scan lines above and below the center of the screen, mm, not less than 60. The size of the work area scan, mm - 60.
Sweep, us on the bands:
1km - 3 6mks.
10 km - 30 60mks.
100 km - 300 600mks.
300km - 800 1500mks.
Time samoprogreva 5 minutes. Parameters of the charger: charging current, mA - 150 ± 10, cut-off voltage 29-30V
The devices Measuring R5-10:
voltage, frequency, Hz: 220 ± 22, 50
voltage, frequency, Hz: 220 ± 11, 400
from the DC network
voltage, V: 10-15, 22-30
built from an autonomous source (device P5-10)
Power consumption:
AC 220 V, VA, no more than 35.
from a DC 12.6 V, W, not more than 15;
from a DC 27 V, W,
not more than 30.
Current consumption of the device P5-10 from the independent power supply, no more than 1A.
Trip level signaling schemes degree battery discharge device P5-10: 10 ± 0,2 V.
Hours Measuring device R5-10 at 1000 h refusal
Overall dimensions 160 x274x 430mm.
Weight, kg, no more than a meter from the mains power supply 9.8 kg, 2.8 kg of the battery.
The service life of about 10 years. Service life 5000 hrs
Time of continuous operation: AC and DC: 16h., From an independent source - 1h.

Photos Р5-10

R5-10 (P5-10) device image.
R5-10 (P5-10) device image.
R5-10 (P5-10) front view.
R5-10 (P5-10) front view.
R5-10 (P5-10) side view.
R5-10 (P5-10) side view.
R5-10 (P5-10) rear view.
R5-10 (P5-10) rear view.
R5-10 (P5-10) overhead view.
R5-10 (P5-10) overhead view.
R5-10 (P5-10) bottom view.
R5-10 (P5-10) bottom view.