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R4-36 Measuring R4-36 complex frequency response


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Measuring R4-36 complex frequency response (R4 36, R436, p4-36, p436, p4 36)

The main purpose of the device meter P4-36 complex transfer is to measure the S-parameters of semiconductor devices at low power levels (≤ 10 -6 W). Provide panoramic measuring the magnitude and phase of reflection and transmission coefficients, as well as the input impedance of the coaxial microwave devices with the playback of their frequency dependence on the CRT screen in Cartesian and polar coordinate system and the digital readout of measured values.
Measuring R4-36 is a basic unit of a new generation of panoramic 5-parameter meters with built-in microprocessor. All control functions, process and output information about the measured parameter on the screen are carried out by the microprocessor, the presence of which provides auto-calibration and self-diagnostics, automated selection of the optimal limits and measurement modes. Furthermore, the use of microprocessor possible to eliminate time-consuming to manufacture devices analogue linearization circuit frequency meter relationship follower phasemeter and a phase shifter, as well as errors introduced by these circuits.
The technical characteristics and automation meter R4-36-PK4 exceed devices 22, P4 and P4-11-23, against which have a wide margin of measurement sensitivity level input signal less (1.5-2 ) measurement uncertainty of input parameters (modulus and phase of the reflection coefficient and impedance VSWR) measurement modes and determining the group delay error in the transmission line.
Frequency band
4 GHz to 12, 05GGts
Measurement range:
phase of the reflection coefficient
-60 ... +30 DB
Phase transfer coefficient
Measurement error:
± 5 K
phase of the reflection coefficient
± (12 / D x +2) °
± (0,03 x 0.3 A) dB
Phase transfer coefficient
± (0,1 A x +0,02 | φ x | +3) °
Power consumption
Overall dimensions, mm Weight, kg:
Measuring Unit
420X240X480; 25
dual-frequency transducer
420X80X480; 10
420X80X480; 15