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R363-2 (P363-2)

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    Potentiometer R363-2 (P363-2) (R-363-2; R 363-2; p-363-2; p 363-2)

    Potentiometer R363-2 (P363-2) - a device for measuring DC voltage and DC offset by the EMF method.

    Main technical characteristics of R363-2 (P363-2):

    - Accuracy class - 0, 002;
    - Minimum reading on the output device - 0.2 mV;
    - The upper limit of measurement - 2.12111 V.

    R363-2 (P363-2) potentiometers are used in scientific research institutions, organizations and factory calibration laboratories for DC measurements.

    Structural features of R363-2 (P363-2)

    Each of the devices is a set of four blocks (measuring system), which includes:
    - Measuring unit (BEE) - 490 × 210 × 520mm, weight - 14 kg;
    - Compensator voltage (AC), which consists of a control unit (245 × 150 × 470mm, weight - 3 kg), and the amplifier F305.1 (345 × 255 × 285mm, weight - 7kg);
    - A voltage regulator (CH) - 245 × 150 × 470mm, weight 7kg.
Measuring unit is made ​​by three-contour pattern and has three independent (nutrition) circuit A, B, and C whose outputs are connected in series. The unit has two sets of measuring decades, providing alternate measurement of two unknown voltages, and is equipped with autonomous systems checks and adjustments.

    Compensator unit voltage potentiometer R363-2 (P363-2) has an output indicating instrument, built-in control unit and allows you to count the compensator difference between the signal voltage and a potentiometer mounted on the decades to 0.2 mV.
    Each unit R363-2 (P363-2) has the shape of a parallelepiped with the vertical front panel and connected to other units through the cable connectors.
    In the measuring unit and the control unit compensators used small switches new design. Blocks are mounted in metal housings serving as electrostatic shields.

    Technical characteristics

    - The number of decades in a row: 7;
    - Number of rows decades: 2;
    - The price level of the decade younger: 0.1 mV;
    - Basic error reading: ± (0,002% of reading ± 0.04 mV).

    Potentiometers R363-2 (P363-2) are fed through a voltage regulator P36-1. The limits of working voltage circuits served in Table 1.

    Table 1.
Work Path
The value of the voltage, V
A loop
2.0 - 3.95
In the loop
1.2 - 2.55
contour C
1.00 - 1, 02
   It is possible to power circuits through the clips from other sources of supply. The amplifier F305.1 and the voltage is from 220V 50Hz.

Photos: R363-2 (P363-2)

R363-2 (P363-2) device image.
R363-2 (P363-2) device image.
R363-2 (P363-2) front view.
R363-2 (P363-2) front view.
R363-2 (P363-2) side view.
R363-2 (P363-2) side view.
R363-2 (P363-2) rear view.
R363-2 (P363-2) rear view.
R363-2 (P363-2) overhead view.
R363-2 (P363-2) overhead view.
R363-2 (P363-2) bottom view.
R363-2 (P363-2) bottom view.