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The device is produced in 2018.

All measurement ranges and settings are available.

It is possible to customize any special scales.


R1828 additional device

Also, this device can be called: R-1828, R 1828, r1828, r-1828, r 1828.

R1828 additional device is intended for inclusion in the network Megaohmmeter M1508 and M1608 type.

The scheme of inclusion:

R1828 additional device incorporating diagram.

Mains supply connected to terminal 8 additional devices R1828.

R1828 specifications:

Dimensions - 110×155×95 mm.

Mounting dimensions:

- D1 - 80 mm;

- D2 - 134 mm;

- D2 - 7 mm.

Weight of the device R1828 - 1,6 kg.

Additional device R1828 made ​​in splash-proof housing (with removable cover) intended for mounting the speaker on the back side of switchboards. Fixing to the boards produced by four bolts, passed through paws additional devices.

Additional clamping device has four M4 threaded.

Operating conditions R1828:

Ambient - from -40° C to +50° C.

Relative humidity - up to 100%.

Switch P1828 and additional device R1828 - interchangeable.

The manufacturer guarantees the conformity of devices existing technical requirements R1828 when the conditions of operation, transportation and storage.

Photos: R1828

R1828 front view (scheme).
R1828 front view (scheme).
R1828 side view.
R1828 side view.
R1828 rear view.
R1828 rear view.
R1828 device scheme.
R1828 device scheme.