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R1818 (R1818/1)

25 233 RUB
9 533 UAH
45 pieces

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Additional device R1818 (R1818/1) (P-1818, P-1818/1, R 1818, R 1818/1, p1818, p1818/1, p-1818, p-1818/1, p 1818, p 1818/1)
Vibration-proof, shock-proof.
Comes to round scale varmeter TS1428, TS1428.1, TS1628, TS1628.1 and their analogues.
Technical characteristics of devices additional device R1818 (R1818/1):
Rated voltage - 127V, 220V, 380V;
Rated frequency - 50 Hz, 400 Hz;
Current transformer additional devices R1818, R1818 / 1 - 5A, 1A;
Ambient temperature - from -40 º C to +55 º C;
Relative humidity - up to 100% at 50 º C;
Nominal Power Factor cosφ - 1,0;
Nominal Power Factor sinφ - 1,0;
Dimensions - 160h170h144mm;
Weight of additional devices R1818, R1818/1 - no more than 3kg.

Photos R1818 (R1818/1)

R1818 (R1818/1) front view.
R1818 (R1818/1) front view.
R1818 (R1818/1) side view.
R1818 (R1818/1) side view.
R1818 (R1818/1) rear view.
R1818 (R1818/1) rear view.