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Additional resistance R109/1 (R109, R-109, R 109, R-109/1, P 109/1, p109/1, p-109/1, p 109/1)
Switchboard interchangeable calibrated series resistor R109 / 1, is designed to expand the limits of measurements voltmeters types M151, M1501, M1611, M1611.11, M1620, used to control panels and electric rolling electric railways.
Operating conditions additional resistance R109/1 correspond to a group of 6 to GOST 22261-76.
Main technical characteristics of a additional resistor R109/1
Nominal impedance 300kOm, 400kOm, 600kOm, 750kOm, 1333kOm, 2000kOm and others.
Rated current of 2mA, 3mA, 5mA.
Rated voltage of 1 kV, 1.5 kV, 2kV, 3kV, 4kV.
Accuracy class of resistance 0.5.
Acceptable basic error of resistance under any load, not exceeding the nominal is ± 0,5% of the nominal value of resistance.
Requirements for congestion - in accordance with GOST 8623 - 78.
Admissible additional error R109/1 caused a deviation from the ambient temperature (20 ± 10) C to any (in the range of -50 to +60 ° C) with a relative humidity of 80%, is ± 0, 25% of the nominal value of the resistance for every 10 K.
Admissible additional error caused by the humidity up to 98% is ± 0,5% of the nominal resistance.
Dimensions 275h132h100 mm, weight 1.5 kg.
Probability of failure of the resistance for 4000 h at least 0.98.
Series resistor R109/1 corresponds to the TU 25-04.3799-79.

Photos R109/1

R109/1 (P109/1) front view.
R109/1 (P109/1) front view.
R109/1 (P109/1) side view.
R109/1 (P109/1) side view.
R109/1 (P109/1) rear view.
R109/1 (P109/1) rear view.