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R1-31 (P1-31)

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    Measuring waveguide line R1-31
    Also, this device may be called: R131, R1 31 1, R-31, R-131, R 131, p1-31, p131, p 1 31.
    R1-31 line measuring waveguide is designed for measuring the standing wave devices performed on waveguides section 7,2 x3, 4 mm with connecting flange sizes that meet the requirements of GOST 13317-80.

Frequency range - from 25.86 to 37.5 GHz GHz.
    Voltage standing wave ratio own - 1.03.
    Impermanence connection with the probe field line R1-31 - no more than 2%.
    Relative shunt conductance probe - 0,048.
    Technical characteristics:

    Microwave power loss in the waveguide:
    - 37.5 GHz frequency - no more than 0.2 dB;
    - At 30 GHz - is not more than 0.2 dB;
    - At a frequency of 25.86 GHz - no more than 0.3 dB.
    Margin of the probe - not less than 15 mm.
    The limits of the height adjustment line R1-31 on the level of the middle flange - from 80 mm to 160 mm.

    Error in determining the position of the probe:    
    - Moving over the entire length - 0,05 mm;
    - 10 mm displacement - 0.025 mm.

    Maximum allowable depth of immersion of the probe at the maximum microwave input power of 200 mW - 0.8 mm.
    Waveguide short-circuited load VSWR variable phase NKP-3 - no less than 50.
    VSWR waveguide waveguide shorted load with variable phase NSP 3 - not more than 1.01.

    Reliability line R1-31:
    - 30000 carriage movement;
    - 5000 displacement probe head configuration mechanism.
    Dimensions - 214x176x134 mm.
    Mass lines R1-31 - 2.1 kg.

    Operating conditions:

    Operating temperature - from +5 ° C to +40 ° C.
    Interval of extreme temperatures - from -50 ° C to +60 ° C.
    Relative humidity at +30 ° C - 95%.

    Measuring waveguide line R1-31 can be used to measure the modulus and phase of the reflection coefficient of two-terminal and four-terminal measurements of the wavelength in the waveguide, the waveguide attenuation measurements of small four-pole.
    It can handle Microvoltmeter amplifiers and AC and DC voltage with a sensitivity of at least 10 mV and indicating device not less than one class.

Photos: R1-31 (P1-31)

R1-31 (P1-31) device image.
R1-31 (P1-31) device image.
R1-31 (P1-31) accessories and spare parts.
R1-31 (P1-31) accessories and spare parts.
R1-31 (P1-31) delivery set.
R1-31 (P1-31) delivery set.
R1-31 (P1-31) front view.
R1-31 (P1-31) front view.
R1-31 (P1-31) side view.
R1-31 (P1-31) side view.
R1-31 (P1-31) rear view.
R1-31 (P1-31) rear view.
R1-31 (P1-31) side view.
R1-31 (P1-31) side view.
R1-31 (P1-31) overhead view.
R1-31 (P1-31) overhead view.
R1-31 (P1-31) bottom view.
R1-31 (P1-31) bottom view.

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