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R05 (p05) Rotameter P05.

R05 (p05)

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Rotameter R05 (R-05, R 05, p05, p-05, p 05)
Flowmeter - Flowmeter constant pressure drop with a float freely in the unit. Consists of a set in the casing cone (rotametricheskoy) tube, which moves inside the float.
F-type flowmeters with local readings of the glass tube rotametricheskoy designed to measure the volumetric flow smoothly varying uniform flow of gas.
Operating Temperature - 10 º C to 35 ° C.
Scale readings digitized in liters per minute, applied directly to rotametricheskuyu up.
Technical characteristics of the devices rotameters R05.
Operating pressure - 50.0 kPa;
The mass flowmeter device R05 - no more than 0.2 kg;
Measuring range - 0.1 l/min-0, 5l/min;
The upper limit of measurement - 0.03 m 3 / h;
Scale unit rotameter R05 - -;
Accuracy - ± 5%;
Overall dimensions rotameter R05 - 145h17mm.