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R-50 Breaking machine P-50.


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Breaking Machine R-50 (R50, R 50)
Breaking Machine R-50 is designed to test metal samples and structural elements, alloys, and products from them.
Technical characteristics of explosive devices Machine R-50:
Maximum limit load - 50kN;
The permissible error of the direct testimony during the (loading) - ± 1%;
The range of velocities of the active capture device breaking machine R-50 with no load - 0mm/min-100mm/min;
The greatest distance between the device captures the breaking machine R-50, taking into account the working stroke - 1000mm;
The greatest stroke of working cylinder - 320mm;
The distance from the axis of the sample to the column device breaking machine R-50 - 300mm;
Power consumption - 3.8 kW;
Power - 380V, 50Hz;
Dimensions of the device breaking machine R-50 - 1753h960h3516mm;
Weight - 2900kg;
The device is a machine breaking R-50 can operate at a temperature of 25 º C ± 10 º C and relative humidity from 40% to 80% in tropical wet and dry climate with accommodation in rooms with air-conditioned or partially air-conditioned;
The device can be used in factories, laboratories, production lines for receiving, delivery of materials, finished products for testing, assembly units, as well as in laboratories for research and educational purposes;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine R-50 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.