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R-20 Breaking machine P-20.


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Breaking Machine R-20 (R20, R 20)
Breaking Machine R-20 is designed to test metal samples and structural elements static loads in tension.
Technical characteristics of explosive devices Machine R-20:
Maximum limit load - 20kN;
The permissible error of the direct testimony during the (loading) - ± 1% of the measured loads, ranging from 20% of the maximum value of the scale;
The range of velocities of the active capture device breaking machine R-20 with no load - 0mm/min-200mm/min;
Working stroke of the active capture (piston) - 300mm;
The rate of progress of the installation of passive capture device breaking machine R-20 - 300mm/min;
Height of space under a tensile test, including the capture of the active stroke - 900mm;
The greatest distance between the bearing surfaces of the device breaking machine R-20 when tested in compression - less than 210mm;
The distance between the supports by the bending test:
- Max - 115mm;
- Minimum - 55mm;
The distance from the axis of the sample to the column device breaking machine R-20 - 250mm;
The dimensions of the samples at a tensile test:
- With flat ends - 25h50mm;
- With screw heads - 20mm diameter of the cross, carved heads, M20;
- With cylindrical head - the diameter of the working section of 24 mm, head diameter 25mm;
When testing the compression device breaking machine R-20 used samples of any shape, the ends of which fit into a circle with a diameter of not more than 15mm;
Type siloizmeritelya - hydraulic torsion;
Dimensions of the device breaking machine R-20 - 1553h972h2901mm;
Weight - 1822kg;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the device breaking machine R-20 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.