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PSO-10MG4 PSO-meter adhesion 10MG4.


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PSO-10MG4 meter adhesion (PSO10MG4, PSO-10-MG4, PSO 10 MG4, PSO 10MG4, PSO10-MG4, PSO10 MG4)
PSO-10MG4 meter adhesion designed to measure the bond strength of ceramic tile, texture coatings, plaster and protective coatings to the base by the normal separation of steel discs (wafers) as well as to determine the tear-out force of anchor bolts and cup plugs.
Field of application devices - definition of wall and adhesion of protective coatings to the base and tear-out force of fasteners on construction sites, construction enterprises, the examination and reconstruction of buildings and structures.
Technical characteristics of the instrument gauges adhesion PSO-10MG4:
Measurement range of adhesion - 0.1 MPa, 35MPa;
Measuring range breakout force (tear-out) - 0.4 kN, 10kN;
The main relative error of power - less than ± 2,0%;
Power supply meter adhesion PSO-10MG4 - from batteries, "Emery» (6LR61) voltage 6V-9V;
- Silovozbuditelya - 100h100h320mm;
- Block E - 70h75h45mm;
Weight of the device measuring adhesion PSO-10MG4 - not more than 2.2 kg;
A distinctive feature of the device is an electronic siloizmeritel, providing an indication of the current value of the applied load with fixing a maximum value, and an indication of the rate of loading during the test;
In order to improve the accuracy and ease of use, the instrument measuring adhesion PSO-10MG4 can select the size of glued steel discs (wafers) with the keyboard instruments, while providing automatic calculation of bond strength as a result of loading (separation steel disc);
Adhesion devices PSO-10MG4 have nonvolatile memory for 100 measurements, with PC and real time clock;
Digital display in kN and MPa;
The manufacturer guarantees that the quality of the instrument measuring adhesion PSO-10MG4 technical requirements specifications provided the customer terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, and its specified operational documentation.