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Psychrometer PBU

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Psychrometer PBU home
Psychrometer consumer PBU is used for visual observation of changes in the relative humidity of the room air temperature in the open air and to determine whether the onset of frost in the spring and autumn.
Psychrometers PBU household must be protected from falling, sudden jolts and bumps
Never perenagrevat thermometers above 50°C.

Specifications psychrometer domestic PBU

The range of monitoring changes in the relative humidity of 40% to 80%.
Temperature measurement range from 0°C to 45°C.
Of full scale thermometers 0,5°C.

The delivery psychrometer PBU

Psychrometer assembled - 1pc.
Instructions - 1 copy.
Box - 1 pc.

Preparation and organization of work PBU

Carefully remove the feeder from the bottom, fill it with distilled water. Place the feeder on the bottom so that the edge of the open end of the feeder to the tank thermometer was a distance of 20 mm, and the wick does not touch the walls of the open end of the feeder.
Set psychrometer PBU domestic upright.
Relative humidity measurement performed after 20 minutes exposure psychrometer in one environment.
Measurement readings of "dry" and "wet" thermometers. Calculate the difference between the readings. According to the table at the intersection of lines reading "wet" and the difference between the thermometer readings find the appropriate value of the relative humidity.
Indications of "dry" thermometer - 22,5°C.
«Wet» - 19,0°C.
Difference in the readings: 22,5-19,0 ​​+ 3,5 ° C.
According to the table the relative humidity - 70%.
The procedure for determining the possibility of frost. Indications of "dry" and "wet" thermometers in different places of the environment twice a day in 12-13 hours and 20-21 hours of local time. Determine the arithmetic mean reading "dry" and "wet" thermometers.

Maintenance, psychrometers PBU domestic

PBU feeder should always be filled with distilled water. Water is added time, no less than a 30 minutes before the start of observation.
Wick on the tank "wet" thermometer should always be clean and moist. When pollution must be replaced.
Before replacing a fuse to remove the contaminated tank thermometer. Tank, wipe with cotton wool soaked in warm water.
For the manufacture of a new cotton wick use chiffon or other peer-wetting the fabric.
Put on and tie a thread on the tank thermometer wick should be carefully not to damage termoampulu.

Photos Psychrometer PBU

Psychrometer PBU device image.
Psychrometer PBU device image.
Psychrometer PBU view panel of the device.
Psychrometer PBU view panel of the device.
Psychrometer PBU side view.
Psychrometer PBU side view.
Psychrometer PBU rear view.
Psychrometer PBU rear view.
Psychrometer PBU overhead view.
Psychrometer PBU overhead view.

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