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High-speed semi-automatic winding PRN-3M

Also this device can be called: PRN3M, PRN 3M.


PRN-3M high semiautomatic winding frame is designed for winding coils with mechanical layout wire.


- High operating speed;

- The original high-performance modular design;

- A large range of wire wound;

- Electronic control;

- Easy job management program;

- High precision adjustment of the winding pitch;

- Rapid acceleration, dynamic braking, technological stop, spindle reverse;

- Active position control Destacker wire spindle speed, number of wound coils;

- Two-zone regulation of electric spindle.


Specifications PRN-3M:


Spindle speed - from 0 rev/min to 9000 rev/min.

Adjustment - 6 steps (steps; smoothly within steps).

Winding speed (torque)

- I-I stage - 9000 rev/min (1.2 Nm);

- IX gear - 180 rev/min (36 Nm).


The diameter of the wires being wound - from 0.1 mm to 3 mm.

Maximum spindle torque - 36 Nm.

The maximum width of the winding - 500 mm.

Step layout turns - from 0.01 mm to 9.99 mm.

Precision spindle stop, coils - 0.1.


Power consumption - 2 kW.

Speed ​​control - smooth.

Maximum coil sizes - 300×500 mm.


Dimensions (without unwinding tension devices) - 1500×1000×1100 mm.

Weight - 350 kg.


PRN-3M design:


The basic units of semiautomatic:

- Spindle assembly;

- Layout mechanism;

- Grandma back;

- A bed;

- The pedal;

- The screen;

- MCU control;

- Drive the blocks.


Node consists of a spindle housing which is installed with the spindle drive pulley and the sensor turns the account, as well as an electromagnetic clutch that, it carries out precise stops.


Pickup mechanism consists of a body mounted with a DC motor coaxially connected to the circular displacement transducer. Through without shameful gear motor connected to ball screw, the carriage rod with the latest set by block.


Semi-manufactured with a snap on the full range of wound wire coil one winding.

Photos: PRN-3M

PRN-3M device image.
PRN-3M device image.