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The device P-604

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The device is P-604 (P604, P 604)
P-604 device is designed for power control in the manufacture of electronic equipment and in conducting routine maintenance during operation.
In the Detector unit provides supervision to oscillograph forms the envelope of high-frequency pulses.
The device P-604 can be used as a dummy.
Technical characteristics of the devices devices of P-604:
The device is suitable for use in temporary shelters, tents, trailers and bodies in a car:
- Ambient temperature - from 243K to 323K (from -30 º C to +50 º C);
- Relative humidity - up to 98% at a temperature of 308K (35 º C);
- Atmospheric pressure - up to 61300Pa (;
P-604 instrument measures the pulse power in the III and VII in the wavelength range and τ equal to 0.3 ms-1, and F SL 0mks equal 130Gts-1250Gts;
The range of the instrument measuring the pulse power of 0.2 kW to 25 kW is divided into three sub-band: 0.2 kW-1, 0kVt, 1kW, 5kW, 25kW, 5kW;
The relative error in measuring the pulse power unit P-604 instrument in the range of 0.2 kW-25kW:
- Under normal climatic conditions - ± 25%;
- At an ambient temperature of 243K (-30 º C) to 323K (50 º C), relative humidity 98% at a temperature of 308K (35 º C) - ± 35%;
The device P-604 provides a measurement of the pulsed power from 0.06 kW to 0.2 kW in the wavelength range III with an error of ± 50%;
The count values ​​of the power produced by nomograms given in the appendix to the instrument;
Coefficient of voltage standing wave device with the cable 16K accorded no more than 1.3 wavelengths in III, 1.4 - VII in the wavelength range;
The input resistance of the device unit P-604 - 75 ohms;
Power supply voltage is 115 V ± 5,75 V or 220 V ± 11 V speed-380Gts 525Gts;
Consumption of the appliance unit P-604 Power - 100 V ∙ A;
Warm-up time after turning the unit 5 minutes in normal conditions and 15 minutes - in conditions of high humidity and cold;
Continuous operation time - 16 hours;
At the maximum pulse power at the input level of the radiation of the device at a distance of 150 meters is less than 10 -12 W;
Weight of the device unit P-604;
- No box - 4.5 kg;
- With box - 9kg;
- Unit - 253h150h197mm;
- Device-box 295h268h260mm;
The device P-604 is a portable device type.All of its controls on the front panel is made;
The left panel of the casing is mounted with two screws and hinges, which allows it to open, providing access to the bridge resistors adjust the sensitivity of the DC voltage control heater resistor;
The rear wall of the removable appliance that provides access to high-load, the detection section, tube 6N2P-EP and the installation of the appliance unit P-604;
To protect the controls from damage when moving the unit has a removable lid on the inner side of which is attached nomogram transfer microammeter divisions in the M1690A pulse power, depending on the duration and pulse repetition frequency;
The device P-604 should be stored in a storage room heating on the shelves, standing on the walls and the radiators are not less than 0.5 m at a temperature of 278K-303K (5 º C to 30 º C) and relative humidity up to 85% (at normal temperature) ;
Not store the device in time, are not equipped with capital heating stores, airfields (bases) at a temperature of 223K-323K (from -50 º C to +50 º C) and relative humidity up to 98% (at normal temperature). The air space should not be impurities that cause corrosion of metal;
Period of storage device - 5 years;
The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the instrument unit P-604 technical requirements specifications, subject to the consumer the terms and conditions of storage, transportation, installation, operation, established specifications and operational documentation.

Photos The device P-604

P-604 device image delivery set.
P-604 device image delivery set.
P-604 device image.
P-604 device image.
P-604 accessories and spare parts.
P-604 accessories and spare parts.
P-604 device image with nomograms.
P-604 device image with nomograms.
P-604 front view.
P-604 front view.
P-604 side view.
P-604 side view.
P-604 overhead view.
P-604 overhead view.