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    Tester pneumatic actuator brake system M-100 is designed for the diagnosis of pneumatic brake systems of vehicles of all categories.

    Also this device can be called: M100, M 100, m-100, m100, m 100.


The device meets the GOST R 51709-2001.
Devices for testing the M-100 pneumatic actuator brake systems are the most rational and reliable means to diagnose pneumatic brake systems of vehicles of all categories.Pressure gauges provide high accuracy measurements of air pressure at characteristic points on the findings of pneumatic and kotrolnyh pneumohydraulic Brake and allow control of air leakage.
M-100 instrument consists of five gauges MSY-N2 (measurement limit 0kgs/sm 2 -10kgs/sm 2, accuracy class of 1.5 GOST 2405-88).Gauges are labeled 1,2,3,4,5 and connect hoses.
The functions of devices to test the braking system of pneumatic actuators M-100:
- The measurement of air pressure in the characteristic points of the brake actuator;
- Measurement of air pressure in the control outputs of the drive;
- Element-oriented verification of the technical condition of a pneumatic actuator.
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Photos Tester M-100 pneumatic actuator brake system

M-100 device image.
M-100 device image.