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    The device PPKhR

    The device PPKhR - semi-automatic chemical detection device designed to equip chemical reconnaissance vehicles.
    Detection of OM - sarin, soman, V-gases, mustard gas, phosgene, diphosgene, hydrogen cyanide, cyanogen chloride, a substance such as BZ and of CS.
    Detection time OB - 2min - 5min.
    Pump capacity - at least 2 liters / min.
    Power supply - from the electrical system voltage of 11V car ± 1,2 V DC.

    - PPKhR in the package - no more than 4.2 kg;
    - Pump with a hot water bottle - no more than 2.2 kg.

    Devices PPKhR produce detection and assessment of the risk of contamination with toxic substances potential enemy air areas, facilities equipment and property by means of detector tubes.
    Devices PPKhR find virtually safe concentrations of vapor in the air RH to establish the possibility of removing the mask.

    The kit includes PPKhR:

    - Pump with a hot water bottle - 1 pc.;
    - Head - 1 pc.;
    - A set of IT for PPKhR:
    - IT for mustard (yellow ring) - 20p.;
    - IT for sarin, soman, V-gases (red ring and dot) - 40 pcs.;
    - IT to phosgene, diphosgene, hydrocyanic acid, cyanogen chloride (three green rings) - 20p.;
    - IT for substances such as BZ (brown ring) - 10p.; \
    - And on the matter of T-type Si (b e s lye two count and sample point) - 10p.;
    - A package with forms of reports (20sht.) - 1 piece.
    - Filter suppressant PDF-1 in an envelope - 15 pieces.;    
    - A bottle of oil - 1 piece.;
    - Maintenance kit in the bank - 1pc.;
    - Form - 1 pc.;
    - Technical description and user manual - 1 pc.

    Specifications PPKhR

    Device PPKhR ready without after heaters from 1.5 min to 1 min.

At ambient temperature -40 ° C with a heater pump provides:
    - Increasing the temperature in the working space heaters from -40 ° C to +50 ° C for no longer than 15 minutes;
    - A gradual lowering of the temperature in the working space heaters from +50 ° C to +10 ° C during at least 20 minutes.

   Safety measures when working with PPKhR

Detection of OM by PPKhR make a personal protection (mask, protective clothing, rubber gloves).    
    The analysis did not allow to enter the infected samples for clothing, housing unit, items of acquisition.    
    If the device has got PPKhR RH - degas taking appropriate precautions specified in the instructions for the personal decontamination package.
    Prohibited without the supervision of a heating device left on PPKhR to avoid overheating and rupture the tank with the thermostat substance.
    Storage PPKhR

    PPKhR instrument should be stored in an unheated specially equipped facilities (dugouts) free of acid and alkaline vapors. The recommended storage temperature devices PPKhR complete with IT or IT alone is not above 20 ° C.

Photos: PPKhR

PPKhR device image.
PPKhR device image.
PPKhR storage box.
PPKhR storage box.
PPKhR delivery set.
PPKhR delivery set.
PPKhR delivery set.
PPKhR delivery set.
PPKhR front view.
PPKhR front view.
PPKhR side view.
PPKhR side view.
PPKhR rear view.
PPKhR rear view.
PPKhR side view.
PPKhR side view.
PPKhR overhead view.
PPKhR overhead view.
PPKhR bottom view.
PPKhR bottom view.