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Rotators PU-23 for trucks Rotators PU-23.

Rotators PU-23 for trucks

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Rotators PU-23 (PU23, PU 23)
Rotators PU-23 for trucks to 23 tons per axle used during the inspection in accordance with the requirements of DSTU 3649-97 (paragraph6.6.2) when measuring backlash steering vehicles, the measurement of effort on the steering wheel during the procedure, "alignment" with other service work on wheeled vehicles and farm equipment. Set IP consists of two identical rotary devices, which rye always used in pairs.
Rotator CP-23 consists of two parts.The first (lower) part - this is a fixed metal base. The second (top) - it's a circle that has two axes of freedom, but also may perform rotational motion. Between the two parts of the device are five special wear-resistant bearings, which provide free lift of the upper circle. Between the bearings and the bottom part is a metal plate made of hardened steel 30KhGSA (GOST 11 269), which protects the lower base of the deformation under the influence of ball bearings. This prolongs the life of the rotary device several times.
Rotary devices for transporting IP-23 in the product design provides U-shaped handle.To make the upper range of fixed during transportation, use special blockers progress.
Technical characteristics of the instrument rotators PU-23:
lowered the weight of one of the car, which is installed on the rotary unit PU, kg
3000kg 23000kg-
Longitudinal shift, mm
± 41mm
Transverse shear, mm
± 35mm
Rotational motion, deg.
0 º -360 º
Overall dimensions rotators PU-23
Width, mm
length, mm
Height, mm
Weight devices rotators PU-23 kg
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